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What Are You Carrying Today?

What Are You Carrying Today?

The guys over in our Hunter Services Department were getting ready to head over to the range and we convinced them to spread all their gear out for a What Are You Carrying Today.

1) 5.11 Range Ready Bag: One of the biggest with the best usable space and compartments we have tested 
2) Pro Grip: Helps you grip your firearm for better control
3) Staple gun: Keep your targets in place and replace new targets quickly
4) Notebook and Pen: For making notes and tracking your performance
5) Hearing protection: A must for all ranges!
6) STI Marauder: Great 3-Gun pistol
7) NRA Range Card: Shows that I’ve completed my safety tests
8) Sig Sauer 1911-2: Boy is that fun to shoot 
9) Shoot N.C. Targets: Instant gratification
10) Various tools, oil and cleaning supplies: You never know when you will need them so keep some in your bag
11) 5.11 NRA Outdoors Shirt: You might as well look good and be comfortable when you are shooting at the range
12) Safety Glasses: A must at all ranges!
13) Safety Breach Flags: Be safe and show others that your firearm is safe
14) Targets: NRA 50 Yard Slow Fire Pistol Target

What do you haul to the range?

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