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What Are You Carrying Today?

What Are You Carrying Today?

For this edition of What Are You Carrying Today we swung by our Hunter Services Department to see what they were carrying around now that fall is here. Turns out they had quite a lot of gear, so we laid it all out and snapped a pic. 

1) NRA Camo Hat – A MUST HAVE!
2) NRA Whitetail Deer Hunter Skills Book – Learn to be a better hunter
3) Recurve Bow – Old School
4) Shooting Glove – For pulling that Recurve bow string!
5) Sent-A-Way – You need to eliminate as much human scent as possible in the woods
7) Limb Saw – Sometimes when using a climbing stand you need to clear limbs or create shooting lanes
8) Equipment Hangers – These keep your equipment at arms-reach while in the tree
11) License carrier – Stay Legal
12) Full Body Fall Arrest Harness System – ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HARNESS http://www.robinsonoutdoors.com/tree-spider/speed-harness.php
15) Equipment pull up rope – This one has a reel so it does not tangle
17) Compound Bow

What do you carry when you hunt? Think they're missing anything?

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