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Last Minute Halloween Costumes For The Outdoors Enthusiast

Last Minute Halloween Costumes For The Outdoors Enthusiast

If you’re like me, summer slipped away and you’re still confused as to when it became fall. If the season has snuck up on you then chances are so has Halloween. Well, if you haven’t figured out what to dress as this year, don’t worry. Here are a couple of costume ideas any outdoors enthusiast will love! And the best part? Chances are you can find what you need in your own closet!

Hunter and Deer

Image from www.costume-works.com 

My favorite couples costume by far! Grab your camo and find a partner to fashion together some antlers and a brown outfit and you’re set.


Image from www.lovethoseboots.com

This one is great for both you guys and gals. Cowboy hat, boots, plaid shirt, and braids. Done and done.


Image from blog.fishtec.co.uk

This one is a no brainer. Like any true outdoorsman, I know you have your fishing gear in arms reach. No extra time or money needed for this one!

Katniss Everdeen

Image from simpleasthatblog.com

This may or may not be my costume this year because... 1. who doesn’t want to be the best female archer in the world and 2. this look is very easy to put together. Braid your hair and grab your bow (and fake arrows of course) and you’re ready to go!


Image from www.wideopenspaces.com

Alright guys, we know y'all love being a “man’s man”. And what could be more manly than a lumberjack? Grab your flannel and beanie and you’ll be ready to brave the night’s cold temperatures!


Image from quiqs.com

Flannel, vest, and jeans. With this year’s fall fashions, I KNOW you have this look in your closet. This one gets my vote for the easiest and comfiest costume ever!

Duck Dynasty

Image from trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com

Camo? Check. Beards? Check. Cup of sweet tea? Double check. Go it alone or get a group to make the whole Duck Dynasty crew!

Don’t forget about your dog!

Image from www.pinterest.com

Because man’s best friend wants to dress up like Uncle Si too!

Halloween Outdoors

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