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Volunteer of the Week: Dave Anatra

Volunteer of the Week: Dave Anatra

This week we recognize Chairman Dave Anatra of Lexington South Carolina Friends of NRA.

Dave’s enthusiasm for the Friends program spans over the course of five years. His eagerness to share the mission of Friends of NRA with his community is unlike any other and is contagious in his leadership role with the committee.

No job is too big or too small for Dave. He gets right in the action and works closely with his team.

“Dave treats everyone as his equal,” said NRA Field Representative Freeman Coleman. “He knows that even though he is the Chairman, his committee cannot succeed and grow without each member.”

Getting involved with the community has been a main priority of Dave’s. He’s dedicated many weekends working the wall of guns, selling raffle tickets at local gun shops, and simply being a friendly face and voice for the committee with everyone he meets. Because of his efforts, the committee has improved its relationships with multiple local shops resulting in an assortment of new donations!

The committee, as a whole, has worked together planning the event in working out every detail. They also spend close to all their free time working on getting donations. Dave is constantly contacting folks in the community and his joyful heart for the mission of Friends of NRA has garnered the heart of others. Through his efforts, Dave was able to get a local gun shop to donate its entire clearance area of the store, becoming a state-wide donor.

“Dave is always telling me about the people he meets and invites to the meetings,” shared Coleman. “He puts in the work because he wants this committee to be the best they possibly can be.”

Dave’s proven to be one of the best to get donations in the state of South Carolina. He’s also sharing his skills with others to teach them how they can be successful with garnering donations in their communities as well.

For Dave, to succeed means to be innovative and try new things. Before moving to the Palmetto State, Dave resided in Ohio where he was also heavily involved with the Friends program. He’s been able to take his experiences from Ohio to share with his committee in South Carolina to help with their fundraising efforts and get them to the next level.

“Dave has the most excitement and passion for Friends that I’ve ever seen,” said Coleman. “Friends of NRA is something Dave openly says gives him true joy and it’s evident with the great job he’s been doing.”

To learn more about Friends of NRA and how you can get involved, click here!

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