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Rep Wrap: Marc Peugeot

Rep Wrap: Marc Peugeot

Rep Wrap is an interview-style series highlighting the NRA Field Representatives on the front lines of Friends of NRA fundraising. Learn about these dedicated men and women who live, love and preserve our Second Amendment freedoms and American heritage in their own words… You may be surprised by the unique and varied backgrounds, interesting hobbies, and remarkable pets that they reveal!

1. What did you do in your previous life?
I graduated from THE Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management. During my college years I worked for one of the oldest duck hunting clubs in the U.S., helping with marsh management of approximately 5,000 acres and guiding members on hunts during the season. After graduating I worked for the University on a joint study with the Ohio Division of Wildlife on Bobwhite Quail sustainability in the Buckeye State. This led into a position with The Ohio Division of Natural Resources as a Wildlife Specialist at Lake La Su Ann Wildlife Area. In 2008 I moved to southwest Pennsylvania to work as an Environmental Scientist for a private engineering and environmental firm monitoring water quality, conducting biological studies, delineating wetlands for local coal mines and building gas drilling locations.

2. How did you get involved with Friends of NRA
I actually helped with the Friends of NRA event in Columbus, Ohio, when I lived there. I can still remember the first event I attended and how I couldn’t get over how many guns were being given away!

3. Name 5 things you can’t live without
A crisp Ohio fall full of bow hunting whitetail deer and Buckeye’s football. Ice in the winter for ice fishing walleye on Erie. My wife Kristin to keep me organized. A couple beagle dogs that have noses for rabbits. And Cheez-Its.

4. Favorite firearm and why
“Meat Hook,” my 12 gauge that my father Duane helped me pick out when I was about 13. I saved up for it one summer so I would have something to go hunting with. I can still remember him explaining why that shotgun would make a great firearm for me because I could hunt anything and everything in Ohio with it. He was right—I have harvested many deer and turkey, hundreds of ducks and geese, and an untold number of rabbits with that gun and my old beagle Fritz! At 32 it is still my go-to. Over the years in my circles it has become legendary for pointing like the finger of doom, earning it its nickname.

5. Tell us something unique about you
My wife Kristin and I run a roadside stand in the summer where we sell all sorts of goodies that we raise on our small farm. If you time it just right you can get honey, tomatoes and maple syrup—and pet our mascot Ruby the Goat—all in one stop!

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Republished from Traditions Quarter 2: 2017

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