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Volunteer of the Week: Katie Jones

Volunteer of the Week: Katie Jones

This week we recognize Chairman Katie Jones with Oregon’s Douglas County Friends of NRA.

Katie’s enthusiasm for the Friends of NRA program stretches over the course of eight years where she has taken an active role with the Oregon State Fund Committee, establish the state’s first state Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) program, and dedicates her time and attention to the success of her committee’s events.

Just last year, the committee from Douglas County sold 250 banquet tickets bringing in more than $16,000, sold 18 sponsorships totaling $7,750, raised $4,000 in pre and post-event raffles, arranged underwriting for 20 items raising nearly $10,000, and acquired 30 donations valued over $40,000.

“Katie amazes me on a regular basis,” said NRA Field Representative Mike Carey. “Her passion for Friends is contagious.”

The Douglas County event has been one of the top events not only in Oregon but all of Area 34. A big part of that is credited to Katie’s leadership and innovative ideas. “She’s constantly coming up with new concepts,” said Carey.

Three years ago, Katie singlehandedly started the first Oregon State Y.E.S. program and has been a volunteer since its inception. Realizing the value this program has to youth in her state, Katie ensures each student who participates has an educational and memorable experience.

“The event is three days and hosted at the state capitol,” shared Carey. “The coordination and planning of this immense project includes the participation of legislators, essay presentations, and a mix of educational, fun-filled activities.”

Dedication, attitude, and drive. These three words not only describe Katie’s commitment to Friends of NRA in Oregon but to the many volunteers a part of this ever-growing program.

“Katie is one-of-a-kind and a top volunteer in my book,” said Carey. “It’s truly an honor to alongside her.”

To learn more about Friends of NRA and how you can volunteer in your local area, click here!

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