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What Being A Dad Is All About

What Being A Dad Is All About

We all have someone we look up to, admire, respect, and learn from. For many, that individual is known as dad. As we celebrate Father's Day this weekend, we asked some of our friends from NRA Country about traditions they are passing on and what being a dad means to them. Here's what they had to say.

Lee Brice

"My dad is a salt of the earth kind of man. He’s always been a hard worker — but no matter how tired he was when he came home, he always made time for me and my brother, Lewis. My dad, Kenny, is a great example of what it means to take care of your family. I remember him showing us how to change the oil in our cars, and what it means to stand up for what you believe in. One thing that stands out to me is that he always treated our mom with great respect.  

This year, Father’s Day means something a little different to me because Sara and I just brought home our third child, a little girl, Trulee Nanette, born earlier this month. Her brothers Takoda and Ryker are smitten by her, and Sara and I couldn’t be more blessed.

I just put out a song called, “Boy” in honor of my two sons — we even shot a music video that they’re both in. My dad is in the video as well. He even shot some of the footage on the same kind of camera that Sara and I had our wedding shot with. I’m really proud of my family, so it was fun to get to share some of our private moments with the fans who have made my life what it is today; a blessing."

Visit LeeBrice.com for more info on Lee’s current tour schedule or to purchase his new single “Boy"!

Mark Wills

Mark Wills with his daughter, Macey (Photo courtesy/Mark Wills)

"Growing up in the country, I was raised around guns. I got my first gun when I was five or six. I still have my trusty .22 rifle that my daddy bought me. We would go 'squirrel hunting' which basically meant go out in the woods and shoot our rifles.

I passed that on to my girls. Both got guns when they were young and we have spent many days out in the woods on 'hunting trips' or afternoons in the gun range getting in some practice."

Visit MarkWills.com for more info on Mark's current tour schedule!

Aaron Watson

“All last year we hunted hard [with my son Jake] and we could not get him a buck. We had no luck at all. And then we got to the holidays and we were hunting hard for the next two weeks. We go out the first evening and this old eight or nine year old buck walked right out in front of us.

Whenever we harvest a deer, my kids know how to clean it and it gives them a greater respect of like, this was a lot of work. They totally take pride when it comes to hunting and fishing. Especially when it comes to the meat they have harvested.”

Fun fact: Aaron’s song, “Diamonds & Daughters” was written at the request of his little girl, Jolee Kate, who specifically asked him to write a song just for her. It’s a song about the love and bond between a father and daughter and Aaron wrote it with the intent of dancing with her to this song at her wedding one day.

Visit AaronWatson.com for more info on Aaron's current tour schedule!

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