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Rep Wrap: Michael Herrera

Rep Wrap: Michael Herrera

Rep Wrap is an interview-style series highlighting the NRA Field Representatives on the front lines of Friends of NRA fundraising. Learn about these dedicated men and women who live, love and preserve our Second Amendment freedoms and American heritage in their own words… You may be surprised by the unique and varied backgrounds, interesting hobbies, and remarkable pets that they reveal!

1. What did you do in your previous life? 
Prior to becoming the NRA Field Representative for Washington State, I worked in communications for Colorado Parks and Wildlife for four years. I also participated in amateur boxing from 2001 to 2012 and turned professional in 2012 until 2014.

2. How did you get involved with Friends of NRA
I got involved with Friends of NRA because I am great friends with the Colorado NRA Field Representative Brad Dreier, and I was intrigued by the program as soon as he introduced me to it.

3. Favorite firearm and why. 
My favorite firearm is my youth model .243 rifle. My father gave it to me for my twelfth birthday, and now it has been passed down to my son. This firearm is what I used when I started hunting and learning about gun safety. It’s not only a firearm in my gun safe but now a tradition passed down to the second generation in my family.

4. Name five things you can’t live without. 
The number one thing I cannot live without is my family. Everything I do and strive to be is for them. The second would be my faith, which has built a strong foundation to keep me going. Third would be my spirit of adventure and exploring the outdoors. As I tell my wife, “I was born a mountain man, and a mountain man I will die.” Fourth is the Second Amendment! How else would I be able to own my second baby, my .243 rifle? Fifth is my career. Coming from a small town where I never even dreamed I could do something professionally with my passion for guns, this job means more than words could ever express.

5. Tell us something unique about you.
To date I am the youngest field representative to be hired by the NRA, having been hired at age 24. I pride myself on being able to break barriers and hope to make a difference.

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