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How Are You Celebrating National Hunting and Fishing Day?

How Are You Celebrating National Hunting and Fishing Day?

Wondering what to do this weekend?

Well, tomorrow is National Hunting and Fishing Day, a day dedicated to spreading the word about hunting, shooting, fishing, and conservation.

What better reason to take someone new into the outdoors?!

We all remember our first time hunting, fishing, archery, plinking at the shooting range, or all of the above. We also remember who taught us, the experience, the way we felt when that bow hit bullseye or we got a nibble on the line. It was that moment where we began to understand the outdoor lifestyle and it was that moment that is forever kept in our minds and our hearts.

Don’t you want to give someone else that same experience?

Grab your children, spouse, neighbor, friend, whoever wants to learn and head out to the great outdoors. Share your wisdom and knowledge with them. Spend the day exploring and learning together. That is how our great American traditions get passed down from generation to generation.

See the impact these first experiences can have from this clip from NRA All Access:

Have a memory from a first time outdoors experience? Share them with us!

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