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8 Ways to Get Creative with Target Practice

8 Ways to Get Creative with Target Practice

Shooting at standard targets you find at the the local gun range or sporting goods store has its benefits. They’re great for practice, competitive scoring, and measuring your precision and accuracy. However, sometimes we all need a change of scenery. It’s time to dig deep, get creative, and to try something new! If you have access to an outside gun range, I recommend testing your shot with one (or all) of these targets that you can create yourself or find lying around the house:

1. Cans

The classic tin can. Nothing beats the sound of a .22 hitting an old soup or soda can. 

2. Clays

Clays may not be the most unique item on the list. But have you ever tried clays that break colored powdered?

3. NRA Blog Printable Targets

Yes, paper targets… there is an assortment of ways to still have fun with paper including playing games like tic-tac-toe! Try printing out some of the targets we design for you each month.

4. Balloons 

POP! Shooting a balloon adds some fun as you can instantly see what you hit. Get even more creative and add paint to the mix. Fill balloons with different color paints and place them above or in front of a white canvas, tarp, sheet, etc. See what abstract art you can create as you shoot at each balloon!

5. Pumpkins

Pumpkins, watermelons, apples, really any fruits or vegetables will make for an interesting target. Try multiple calibers to see different end results. We did it last Halloween, check it out!

6. Flour

Try shooting that sack of flour you found lying in the pantry. This is another one that will be fun using different calibers. Just don’t be surprised when it looks like a snow storm hit afterwards. 

7. Glitter or Sand

Grab empty plastic water bottles or some other type of plastic container and fill them with things like sand or glitter or basically anything you can find in a craft store. Get creative! Because you’re #crafty

8. Peeps

Peeps are really only good for one thing... and it’s not for eating. Put your months old leftover Easter candy to good use. We sure had fun with it...

While these targets make for some fun target practice, remember to always follow the NRA Gun Safety Rules, and  know your target and what’s beyond it. If you’re using a public range, be sure to first check with the range to see if they allow nontraditional targets.

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