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The NRA Speaks For Me

The NRA Speaks For Me

The NRA speaks for me. It’s not only is a true personal statement, but it’s also the slogan of NRA’s Freedom’s Safest Place campaign. 

You may have already seen some of the ads featuring Sheriff David Clarke, NRA News Commentator Colion Noir, and NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. But other ads feature people like you and me - law abiding Americans who want to share the truths no one else will: truths about Benghazi, our Second Amendment freedoms, our police, and what the 5 million members of the NRA value and protect.

These strong, honest videos challenge the gun-hating political elites, a dishonest media, and radical billionaires who want to fundamentally change America and restrict our Second Amendment freedoms...

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But it costs millions of dollars to fund a campaign of this magnitude and without your support, they will be taken off the air during this critical time in American history.

If you believe in an America that values family, hard work, civic duty, and our God-given freedoms, help us keep this campaign on the air. Watch the campaign, and if NRA speaks for you, pitch in and help us put these messages in every living room across America. Make a donation, share the videos, and challenge your friends and neighbors to do the same.

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Share how the NRA speaks for you with #NRASpeaksForMe

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