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8 Exercises That Will Make You Want To Go To The Range Instead

8 Exercises That Will Make You Want To Go To The Range Instead


1. Dumbbell Overhead Shoulder Press
Why it’s better at the Range: The same muscle group that you hit when you are pushing those dumbbells up over your head will also be worked as you go to lift your gun into the ready position at the range.

2. Burners
Why it’s better at the Range: Burners or Shooting 100 rounds at the range? Burners help stabilize the muscles in and around your shoulders; shooting 100 rounds or more at the range requires the same stability and muscle groups. Get shoulders of steel, spend more time at the range!

3. Push Ups
Why it’s better at the Range: How many push-ups can you do? Push-ups are no easy feat – you are required to push your entire body weight up using your arms……and then there’s proper form…. #givingupnow … however, going to the range regularly for a few hours of target practice, you can work on building the same muscles!

4. Planks

Why it’s better at the Range: Yes, we know the pain of the plank but what you should be excited about is that you now have a strong core for position transitions. It will take you less time and be easier to make the transitions now that you’ve been planking. As easy as eating pie, but don’t do that because your gut will come back.

5. Forward Lunges
Why it’s better at the Range: Nothing says strong legs like lunges…oh wait…position transitions from standing to kneeling do! Practice transitioning from standing to kneeling at the range, and guaranteed those legs will be in pain, but the good kind of pain.

6. Hammer Curls
Why it’s better at the Range: Nothing says ‘guns’ like bulging biceps. But you don’t have to go to the gym to get these ‘guns’. Rifle down to ready position drill is all you will need to get the blood pumping in your biceps to create those upper arm ‘guns’, if you know what we mean. (Subtle wink.)

7. Squats or Jump Squats

Why it's better at the Range: They say squats help achieve buns of steel…but do you know how many squats you have to reach that level? TOO MANY. Try shooting on the move instead, this is a form of cardio, but you get to improve shooting skills while working on those buns.

8. Burpees

Just Kidding! No one likes burpees. Get your workout on by having fun - go to the range! 
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