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Lesson From The Gun Range #8: Buying a Gun Online

Lesson From The Gun Range #8: Buying a Gun Online

I got quite a lot of responses to my last lesson, Lesson #7 about which handgun to purchase. Most of the comments warned me that the price I had been quoted was way too high and that I would definitely be able to purchase my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield for less.

A bunch of people showed me different firearms websites and stores in my area as viable options to purchase a cheaper firearm. I’ve always loved physically going to the store and purchasing something and being able to walk out with that item. I thought when I purchased my firearm it would be the same way. But I got a link from a co-worker and well the price looked good and the Shield was so beautiful I could not resist anymore. So, I went for it, I added it to my cart for 329.00!

And I always wanted to see firsthand what actually happens when you buy a gun online. So, firearm in my cart – I felt giddy about clicking check out. And so I did, with a HUGE grin on my face. Here it comes!

But First….

I had to create an account with the site – checking out as a guest was not even an option. You create an account or you don’t get to purchase.

Then I had to choose where I wanted to pick the gun up from. I could not have it sent directly to my house, no matter what a certain NFL coach might have allude to. "From FFL to FFL, every time, no exceptions." Seeing as I did not have a Federal Firearms License and had never applied for one I needed to select a place that was FFL registered.  My options included, ‘In-Store Pickup’ or ‘choose a state to send your firearms to a local gun store’. The website and store I purchased my firearms from was in Kentucky, I live in Virginia, so in store pick up was not the fastest option. After choosing my state, I choose a FFL certified gun store to send my firearm to. (Because it is the law. Buying a gun online requires the transfer to go through an FFL. There are no loopholes)

After that I had to agree to the terms and conditions, where they clearly state,

“This is simple and very similar to any online shopping experience. The difference is that we cannot send the firearm to you directly. Instead, we have to send the Firearm to a Local Gun Shop or FFL Dealer near you.”

I added my credit card and billing address. I could feel my baby getting closer with each click. Especially the last one, ‘confirm my order’. Within minutes I received a confirmation email.

My confirmation email advised I emailed the FFL I sent my firearm to and include a copy of my receipt for the purchased firearm.

So I did…And now I wait…


FFL Buying Firearms Online

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