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Improve Your Shot on Multiple Targets

In this week’s NRA Firearm Training Tip is how to improve shooting multiple targets with a pistol.

Just like shooting controlled pairs, the trick to effectively shooting multiple targets is in the eyes. When we transition from one target to the next we want our eyes to drive to the next target. The eyes are faster than the gun. Once the gun arrives focus on the sights and break the shot. This allows for an aggressive but smooth transition. If we try to track the gun across, our transitions become slow and sloppy.

To improve this skill, try this drill:

  1. If you are shooting at an indoor range you will need to use small targets to keep everything on one lane. Try two file cards at 5-7 yards. Place them as far apart as you can on your target backer. If you are outdoors, station two target stands roughly three feet apart and use 8 ½ x 11 copy paper as targets.
  2. Start with one round one per target. Fire the first shot on the left target and as the sight lifts from recoil drive your eyes to the second target then reacquire your sights.
  3. Once you are comfortable shooting left to right, reverse the sequence by shooting the drill from right to left.
  4. If you want to add another layer, incorporate controlled pairs.

Remember, you can only shoot as fast as your sights will let you. Make sure you have a good sight picture before breaking your shots.

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