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Principles of Concealed Carry: Other Carry Methods

Principles of Concealed Carry: Other Carry Methods

Maybe your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to carry with these types of holsters. Depending on your gun, clothing, and body type, you may want to consider other types of carry methods. Here are some other types of holsters that may be right for you:

Holster Vests/ Jackets
You may consider other holster-type pistol carry devices, of which there are many. Other choices include such things as holster vests/holster jackets. These specialized pieces of clothing have pockets or compartments that contain integral holsters capable of concealing pistols of almost any size. While these articles offer a reasonable level of access and concealment, care must be taken not to carelessly put the jacket aside or hang it up. They also tend to sag very visibly to one side, unless you add equal weight to the opposite side. In addition, since most of these garments tend to place the gun on the support side, the same safety concerns applied to presenting the pistol from a shoulder holster must be considered.

Underwear Holsters
The underwear holster lies completely inside the pants with the pistol positioned in front of the crotch. Accessing the gun involves reaching down inside the pants. Concealment and retention of a small pistol can be excellent, but access obviously takes some effort.

Belly Bands
Belly bands are wide elastic bands that fit under the shirt or blouse and into which pistols can be inserted for carry. Most designs incorporate a holster or pocket to locate the gun. Drawing your gun requires opening or pulling up the covering clothing.

Thigh Holsters
Thigh holsters are usually made with wide elastic bands and incorporate a holster or pocket to locate the gun. They are very similar in design to the ankle holster, yet they are to be worn with shorts, skirts and dresses, on the support side thigh. Drawing the gun requires pulling up the short’s leg, dress or skirt.

Bra Holsters
Bra holsters (like this one from the NRAStore) have become available and are gaining popularity in some circles. They are usually made with thin fabric and are snapped directly to a brassiere, placing a very small pocket pistol between the breasts. All such devices provide primarily “deep cover” carry in which concealment is the primary concern and access is often limited.

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