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What’s So Funny About Gun Safety?

What’s So Funny About Gun Safety?

You’ve heard of anti-gunners going after politicians, gun owners, the NRA and its programs. But now, they hit a new low – going after a costume, not just any costume, but an eagle costume. A costume designed to be worn by law enforcement officials to teach children gun safety. Folks, this is not a joke, it’s real life.

Anti-gunners like “comedian” Samantha Bee, find programs like our Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program to be mockable. In a recent video, Samantha Bee ridicules the NRA for teaching our country’s children about gun safety, because somehow creating and promoting firearm safety and education to youth is….the unspeakable evil.

Eddie Eagle teaches children from Pre-K to 4th grade what to do if they come across a gun: Stop! Don’t touch. Run away. Tell a grown-up. This program is a nationwide effort to promote gun safety and prevent youth related firearm accidents and fatalities.

I’m not entirely sure how making fun of Eddie Eagle will help the anti-gun agenda. But Samantha Bee tried… and failed miserably. Not only is it full of fallacies, it’s simply not funny. Let’s take a look at what happens in the video compared to what is actually true…

As a result of this video, several media outlets (i.e. Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Yahoo, New York Daily News) have continued to “report it”. Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought news outlets are supposed to be unbiased disseminators of news? It seems that these so-called “trusted” news outlets are sharing the anti-gun agenda and forget that Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program was designed to help save lives...which message is more important?

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