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Training Tip of the Week: Shot Delivery Speed

Training Tip of the Week: Shot Delivery Speed

In this week’s drill, we will be working on our shot delivery speed. We will need 8.5x11 paper and 3x5 index cards. We are going to practice transitioning form a small target to a large target. The idea here is to simulate shooting a distant target then transitioning to a close target. This especially useful on indoor ranges where we can only shoot at one distance at a time.

Load a magazine with eight rounds. Send your target out to ten yards. Draw, or from low ready, engage the small target with two rounds then engage the large target with two rounds and repeat. You should feel a considerable slow down when transitioning to the small target. Do not let yourself get sloppy. If your hits are outside the file card you are shooting to fast. The goal is to practice transitions from hard to easy targets and to get used to shooting to your sights and not just getting into a rhythm. You can turn it into a sixteen shot drill by adding one of the reloads that we showed in last two weeks. Shoot the drill once, reload and shoot the drill again.

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