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Lessons From The Gun Range – Lesson #7

Lessons From The Gun Range – Lesson #7

If you guys remember in Lesson #5, I learned the important questions to ask when you consider buying your first gun. The time has come and the questions have been answered.

Drum Roll… – I have chosen….

Actually first, I will give you my answers so you know that I have indeed thought this through.

  1. After evaluating the intended use of the firearm; I have determined that I intend to use the firearm for basic training at the range (I am sure Coach is tired of having me ask to borrow hers – all the time!) And eventually for obtaining a concealed carry permit.
  2. Had hands on experience with either of my two choices (S&W Shield or Glock43) for fit and ergonomics; My first experience was with a Glock 19, I grew accustomed to everything about it. But with my intent to possibly carry I wanted something a bit smaller. So I tested both the Glock 43 as well as the S&W Shield. I trained with both guns separately, and came out feeling mutually equal to both. It was only after I shot 6 rounds with the Glock and then immediately after 6 rounds with the Shield and then back to the Glock for another 6 rounds and so forth was I able to truly decide and know that I had could make a sound decision.  
  3. Could I handle the…?
  4. Caliber? Yes
  5. Ammo Availability? Yes
  6. Recoil? Yes, and here was part of the deciding factor, the recoil I felt from the S&W Shield was considerably less than that from the Glock 43.
  7. Size and Weight? Yes to both
  8. Do you know the operation and process of cleaning the gun? Yes
  9. Do I know the reputation of the manufacturer and price? Yes, both Smith & Wesson and Glock have terrific reputations. Price for the S&W Shield $469.00 and price for the Glock somewhere between $358.00 – $569.99.
  10. Have I taken the NRA Basics Pistol Training? Yes. And then after taking the class, I sought out Coach who continued to help train and teach me. I would definitely recommend an NRA course to anyone just learning as well as getting additional training, because really who can know everything from one lesson?\

After going through my checklist I knew I had come to a decision. The S&W Shield has won my heart.

From the grip which fit my hands like a glove, to the recoil that was well contained, to the amazing feeling of the unique trigger how could I love another.

Now to find $469.00 to buy my baby.  

S&W Shield Glock43

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