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Training Tip: Handgun Accuracy

Training Tip: Handgun Accuracy

Want to test your accuracy with a handgun? Here is a shooting drill that you can use to evaluate just how accurate you are.

Take a 3x5 file card and send it out to a distance of 15 feet. If you are at a range with a fixed backstop, move back 15 feet. Shoot a 5 shot group. If all the shots are on the file card, then it is time to back up another 5 feet.

Replace the file card, and shoot a five shot group from 20 feet... keep moving back with every completed 5 shot group.

Here is the catch, if you fail to hit all five shots you have to bring the target closer 5 feet and repeat! Miss too many times and you will find yourself back at the start.... How far can you go out?

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