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Is Your Real Name Chad Dukes?

There's a few things we, the NRABlog Staff love, aside from guns, and that's sports, food and awesome people! 

Chad Dukes, Washington D.C. native and host of Chad Dukes vs. the World on WJFK 106.7 The Fan, is no newbie to all the things above. You can often hear him talking about the Washington Redskins, wrestling, sandwiches and pretty much anything else that pops into his head on the local sports talk radio station. Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Dukes grew up knowing firearms. His passion for the shooting sports and the Second Amendment is contagious, so we thought why not invite Chad over to The NRA HQ Range? Shoot a couple of rounds, and get to know the man behind the mic a little bit more...

1. Tell us about growing up and your background...

FUN FACT: His favorite restaurant and meal is a burger from the Main Street Pub in Clifton, Virginia

2. How did you get into radio? 

FUN FACT: The best part of his job is getting to talk to callers on his show.

3. Who introduced you to firearms when you were younger? 

4. Athletes and firearms, what's your take? 

FUN FACT: He is REALLY good at talking about things he doesn't want to talk about (and things he loves talking about).

5. Is Chad Dukes your real name?

FUN FACT: He'll take beer for day drinking and whiskey when he doesn't have all day.

Thanks Bradley, we mean Chad Dukes, for stopping by, shooting some rounds and talking with us!
Chad Dukes

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