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Nate Hosie The Turkey Hunting Guru

Nate Hosie The Turkey Hunting Guru

Nate Hosie is about to talk Turkey Hunting Tactics in Seminar Room 1 at 3:00pm! We love Nate so in honor of his seminar we thought we would ask a few questions too! (And if you miss Nate today - don't worry he is talking Turkey again tomorrow at 3:00 - 4:00 PM in the Seminar Room 1!) 

1. How did you get into Turkey Hunting?
My grandpa and dad got me into hunting when I was 5 years old. As I got a little older and started turkey hunting I fell in love with it because of the interaction between the hunter and turkey. In my opinion there is nothing better than yelpin a big ole longbeard up to your gun bead!

2. If you had to pick – in order which hunting other than Turkey is your favorite? Fishing counts too!
After turkey hunting is hunting whitetail although elk is right up there with deer hunting. Growing up in Pennsylvania the tradition and heritage of deer hunting is special to me and I am proud to come from s state with such a strong hunting heritage and so many great hunters! 

3. If you could go hunting with anyone in the world – who would it be?
I Would love to be able to bring my grandpa back and share the woods with him one more time. I know he is up there watching but I wish I could bring him back and spend a day hunting with him and just talk to him about how blessed the last few years have been being a part of the outdoor industry and HeadHunters TV. I never thought I would have the opportunity to see what I have seen or taken the animals I have. Im forever thankful and grateful to be a  hunter. I also love to hunt with my wife its awesome to share the woods with her and enjoy gods creation together we have the ultimate respect for hunting.

4. Do you think Turkeys are your spiritual animal? Joking – if you had to pick a spiritual animal what animal would it be?
No doubt Turkeys are my unicorn I love em hahaha! Just something about a spring morning a turkey gobbling and the conversation back and forth once he hits the ground you just can't beat it! But in all honesty all hunting is special to me and always will be I love the atmosphere that hunting creates I love the respect that hunters have for animals and gods amazing creation and I love the respect hunters have for one another. We are all on the same team and all need to support one another.

5. Are you excited/nervous about opening for Phil Robertson on Friday?
Safe to say a little of both! Im honored to share the stage with Phil him and his family have all my respect and support I'm also proud to be a part of an event benefitting "Fathers in The Field". I think its going to an awesome night and I cannot thank everyone involved enough for having me involved in Unmuzzled! The NRA truly great people and an amazing organization that stands up for all of us hunters and shooting enthusiasts I will always be proud to be a life member of the NRA.

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