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Lessons From the Gun Range - Lesson #4

Lessons From the Gun Range - Lesson #4

For Christmas this year I got my coach a little present. It wasn’t much and it wasn’t fancy. It was just a little something that made me think of her and all that she has done. (I know I harp on the fact that she is a great coach but let’s face it – she has taught me one great life lesson.) 
The gift I got my coach was a giant pack of…
 – Wait for it –
                                                    …Ram Rods!! 

Am I the best student or what?
In all seriousness this gift was given for a reason. A week before, coach taught me how to clean a gun; this hour and a half lesson started off painfully slow...

I won't bore you with all the steps on how to clean your gun because the steps are practically the same yet so very different. Oxymoron, I know. But one general rule for all handguns: Before cleaning your handgun, it's important to spend time reviewing the owner's manual. And if you ever do need a video tutorial, the world of YouTube is a wonderful place. I suggest checking out Captain Berz, he has a ton of videos on how to clean all types of guns, but he is really known for his reviews for all types of gear. Seriously, check him out

But back to my lesson and what I learned: Lesson #4: Cleaning your gun brings you closer to guns. Not in any spiritual/healing way... well, kind of. What I mean is, after I learned how to take apart the Glock I had a better understanding of how things worked. There is a huge difference between looking at pictures in a book and actually taking a gun apart. I got to see what each part looked like separately, how they felt, their weight, their size, how they worked in complement with each other. Cleaning it brought me astounding familiarity, which created in me, a more relaxed shooter.

So if you are still learning how to shoot or if you’ve never cleaned your gun, ask your mentor or coach to walk you through the steps. I warn you it’s not going to be fun but it will be extremely educational and rewarding.

And as Michael Caine told Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, “Wear the Crown. Be the Crown. You are the Crown”, I am telling you, clean your gun. Be one with your gun. You are your gun.   

From The More You Know Girl (ba-da-da-daaaaaaaa!)
Lesson Four: Cleaning Your Gun brings you closer to guns. Increases your familiarity and knowledge of guns. 

Glock Cleaning Ram Rods

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