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Scream, Dracula, Scream! The Vampire Hunter Colt Detective Special Revolver


Count Dracula. Elizabeth Bathory. The Viscount de Morieve. Even Buffy’s Spike.

These infamous vampires wouldn’t stand a chance against the Vampire Hunter’s Colt Detective Special.

The ultimate sidearm for any vampire hunter, the silver-plated, elaborately engraved Colt .38 Special Detective Special revolver comes nestled in a coffin-shaped ebony case. Alongside the revolver are holy water, a wooden stake, a mirror, and silver bullets cast in the shape of miniature vampire heads.

The silver plating doesn’t stop at the exterior of the gun; the entire revolver, including the inside of the chambers, features silver plating. Included in the ornate Francolini engraving is a crucifix on the muzzle, perfect for striking fear into hungry bloodsuckers at the business end of the gun.

The chamber features boldly engraved vampire bats, wings crossed, at each of the six positions. Even the legendary prancing Colt received a ghoulish makeover, with the frame of the revolver depicting the rampant horse atop a casket.

The custom art carries over to the grips, which boast two small sterling silver bats near the butt of the grip, a tally marker for the number of vampires reportedly vanquished by the revolver. The hand-carved bullets are wrought with the terrifying screaming faces of a vampire, complete with bared fangs, menacing eyes and a villainous widow’s peak hairline.

No prepared vampire hunter would head into battle without a back-up plan. Fortunately, this Colt comes bundled with essential accessories to help ward off the fiends of the night. One can attach a standard brush or cleaning jag to the cleaning rod, but the kit also features a wooden stake attachment, should the silver bullets miss their mark.

Not sure the ghoul terrorizing you is actually a vampire? Fear not – a small mirror comes inside the coffin case, perfect for identifying vampires. Of course, no vampire hunter’s arsenal would be complete without holy water, and this kit masterfully includes a silver (naturally) vial of the blessed bath.

Planning a hunting trip to Transylvania (sorry, NRA Outdoors doesn’t currently offer vampire hunting trips!), or dealing with an infestation of bloodsuckers that become particularly hungry after dark? You’re on your own – this Colt Detective Special isn’t for sale! 

However, masters of the macabre and fright fans can visit the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia, to see this Dracula dispatcher first hand! Can’t make it to Virginia? You can always check out the Vampire Hunter Colt Detective Special (and thousands more of amazing, rare, historic and unique firearms) on the NRA Museums’ website at www.nramuseum.org!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


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