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How to Avoid Phone Scams This Election Season

How to Avoid Phone Scams This Election Season

The election is literally right around the corner meaning your phone is more than likely ringing off the hook. Pollsters, election officials and others all vying for a moment of your time. However, some of these calls could actually be scammers. Here are three scams you need to watch out for this election season:

Election Survey Scam

How it works: A scammer calls pretending to conduct a survey on behalf of a political party, polling organization, or news media and offers a reward such as cruise tickets or gift cards if you answer their questions. After conducting the survey, they will ask for a mailing address and credit card information to receive your prize.

How to know if it’s a scam: Official polls do not offer prizes nor do they ask for personal or banking information. This is a red flag for a scam!

Voter Registration Scam

How it works: A scammer calls claiming you need to re-register if you haven’t voted since the last Presidential Election. They then ask for your personal information to register you to vote over the phone.

How to know if it’s a scam: You cannot register to vote over the phone. Contact your County Elections Office or State Elections Division if you have a question about your voter registration status.

Vote By Phone Scam

How it works: A scammer will either call or text claiming you can vote by phone. Sometimes the caller ID may say someone from Washington, D.C. is contacting you.

How to know if it’s a scam: Similar to registration, you cannot vote over the phone. Report this caller and phone number immediately because they are most likely targeting a specific demographic in an effort to discourage voter turnout on Election Day.

Be on the lookout for these scams and remember to never give out your personal or banking information over the phone. These tips are brought to you by NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim program. For more information and to find a seminar near you please visit rtbav.nra.org or email [email protected].
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