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How to Shop Safely Online

How to Shop Safely Online

PSA: I love online shopping... My Amazon Prime account can vouch for me. While shopping in your PJs on the couch sounds amazing, there does come some risk. Criminals can get a hold of your information in an instant if you’re not careful. Minimize your risk of fraud when shopping online with these tips:

Activate Fraud Alerts
  • Get updates sent to your phone or email. Most banks have a mobile app for additional alerts on the go, including instant notifications of irregular or suspicious activity.
  • Ensure that your Credit Card company and bank have your most up to date contact details, especially your mobile phone number, so they can contact you in the event of possible fraud.
  • Do not respond to unsolicited or spam emails. Credit card email communication will usually include your first name, last name, and the last 5 digits of your account number. If an email claiming to be from your credit card provider does not include this information or contains attached files or links, report it immediately.

Change Your Password Regularly
  • Change your password regularly to help prevent unauthorized access to your online account. Identity thieves may steal user IDs and passwords from one website and use them to log into other sites.
  • Use combinations of at least eight letters, numbers, and symbols, and be sure to use different passwords across your banking, email, and social media accounts.

Use Secure Websites
  • Look for a padlock screen icon or a key icon to indicate a safe and secure internet purchase. If you are purchasing merchandise online and using a credit card, be sure the company has set up a secure connection.

These tips were provided by Refuse To Be A Victim, an NRA program that helps you avoid becoming a victim by providing tips and techniques on how to stay alert and aware in potential dangerous situations. Learn more about Refuse To Be A Victim and find a seminar near you today!

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