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Officers Put Their Skills to the Test at Tactical Police Competition

Officers Put Their Skills to the Test at Tactical Police Competition

This past weekend, prior to the official start of the National Police Shooting Championships at Shooting Range Park just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico, officers were given the opportunity to test their accuracy and handling in a Tactical Police Competition (TPC).

As the saying goes: Trigger time is training time, and a TPC is an excellent extension of training that encourages patrol officers to hone their skills and gain more experience with their duty handguns, shotguns, and patrol rifles in scenario- and skill-based courses of fire

Aspects of challenges in a TPC include: assessing threat and non-threat targets; firing from unusual shooting positions; making tactical decisions of how to move through a course; using cover and working around visual barriers; being responsible for ammunition management; assessing hits; and balancing the paramount need for accuracy with speed.

Through TPCs, officers gain valuable practice time with their duty firearms and equipment and, through evaluating their performances, are better prepared deal with threatening situations and protect the lives of the citizens in their communities.

Enjoy some photos from the TPC below:

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