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Improve Your Shot With Firearm Science

Improve Your Shot With Firearm Science

As many of you know, Firearm Science is the segment that follows each episode of NRA All Access. What you may not know, is that you can watch all Firearm Science segments on our YouTube channel!

Firearm Science explores some of the most basic and elaborate shooting concepts with the aim of improving your shooting skills and performances. Learn from elite marksman such as Jessie Duff, Tommy Thacker, Chris Cheng, Jamie Gray, George Reinas, Krystie Messenger (aka Tactissy), and Corey Cogdell.

From basic firearm topics like aim and recoil to ballistics and customizing your own rifle, Firearm Science is a great reference for any shooter new or experienced.

Basics of Pistol Shooting

In this series, you will learn proper aim, correct stance, trigger control and much more with 3 Gun National Champion Tommy Thacker and Top Shot Season 4 Champion Chris Cheng.

View all videos from the Basics of Pistol Shooting 

Air Rifle

Learn all about air rifles from shooting positions to competition clothing from Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Gray.

View all videos from Air Rifle

Long Range

Join veteran Air Force sniper and long range expert George Reinas as he demonstrates everything you need to know to perfect your long range shot.

View all videos from Long Range


In this series, we learn about topics such as eye dominance, types of sights, and how to customize your AR with longtime shooter Kirstie Messenger aka Tactissy. 

View all videos from AR-15


In this series, learn about ballistics from internal to terminal to handloading your own ammo.

View all videos from Ballistics 

Competitive Shooting

Join World Champion Shooter and NRA All Access Host Jessie Duff as she shows us the training of a top competitive shooter.

View all videos from Competitive Shooting


Olympic Trap Shooter Corey Cogdell demonstrates proper shotgun form, choosing the correct choke tubes, different types of actions, and much more.

View all videos from Shotgun

Get caught up on Firearm Science online and catch new segments each Wednesday after NRA All Access at 7pm ET on Outdoor Channel!

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