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Female Shooters on the Rise


Earlier this year at the Great American Outdoor Show, I was standing amongst a crowd of people watching as World Champion Shooter and host of NRA All Access, Jessie Duff, gave a presentation on “How to Shoot Like a Pro”, when I overheard a conversation between two men: 

Man #1: “Is that Jessie Duff?”
Man #2: “Yea, I think so….man, that girl can shoot.”
Man #1: “That’s the truth. I wouldn’t want to accidentally break into her house…”

The shooting industry is no longer just a man’s world. 

The rise in female shooters and female gun owners have steadily increased throughout the years. According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2005, only 13 percent of women were female gun owners, but by 2011, that number rose to 23 percent. (Yahoo! News)…that’s a 77 percent increase in just 7 years (Town Hall).

Additionally, shooting ranges across the country have seen a 51.5 percent increase in the number of women who participate in target practice, and 41.8 percent increase in the number of women who participate in hunting activities over the past ten years (New York Times)

It doesn’t surprise us one bit in the increase of female gun owners and shooters – women see no boundaries or limitations when it comes to self-defense or protecting loved ones. 

Women want to ensure they are protected at all times, and don’t have to rely on anyone for that protection. Once they learn how to protect themselves, their interest expands into other areas such as target shooting, competitions and hunting. 

The facts are, women are a growing demographic of gun owners. There are hundreds of groups out there just for women and firearms – together they learn, they train, they teach and sometimes they compete. 

Here’s an ode to the women who we love that prove firearms are not just for the man’s world. 

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