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Help Brooks Laich Pick a Hunting Rifle

Help Brooks Laich Pick a Hunting Rifle

When Washington Capitals Center Brooks Laich asks where he can find a rifle for hunting in the "DMV" (DC-Maryland-Virginia for you non-Washingtonians), you better believe we, the NRA, will be the first to jump at that! 

To make a long story short, Brooks recently tweeted about rifles and hunting. We responded. And yesterday, we had the honor of having Brooks Laich (*Swoon*), Washington Capitals Center (#RockTheRed), at The NRA Range!!!

He was interested in testing out some rifles he could take deer hunting, so we gave him some rifles to test out:

.270 Winchester 



6.5 Grendel

and the classic, lever action...

Brooks truly is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Not only was he open to learning how to improve his techniques (from an NRA certified training instructor), but he was always up for a challenge and knew how to have a great time! Help him decide what type of rifle he should get for deer hunting, vote below:

If you have other suggestions for Brooks, share them with us and we'll pass them along! We'll follow his journey to finding the perfect rifle, and let you know if he chooses your suggestion!

Share your other suggestions with us:

Check out the NRASports Facebook Page for more pictures of Brooks Laich at the range!

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