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Are Your Guns Safely Stored for the Holidays?

Are Your Guns Safely Stored for the Holidays?

The holiday season is officially here (wait, where did summer go?!) and that means it's time to start planning family get-togethers. Playing host for these events aren't as simple as we'd like them to be, espeically if you have a very large family like mine. As you plan out the meals and decor, you may be overlooking one very important detail: gun storage. 

Okay, you may be thinking that just came out the blue. But think about it. You're about to have 12 plus family members in your home. Maybe your family isn't familiar with firearms. Maybe they have never taken a safety course or even held a gun. Or, maybe your five year old nephew is a little Curious George... 

It is important to always properly and safely store your firearms but even more so when you invite others into your home. 

Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons. Many factors must be considered when deciding where and how to store guns. A person's particular situation will be a major part of the consideration. 

So to stay safe this holiday season, take a look at these different gun storage options. When choosing the option that’s best for you, consider your living environment, budget, and storage needs.

Trigger & Cable Locks

These locking devices are the bare minimum for safe gun storage options. They prevent the gun from firing. New guns from the manufacture should come with some type of lock. Trigger shoes are devices that lock around the trigger so it cannot be pressed and are only intended for unloaded firearms. Cable locks consist of a cable that runs through the barrel or action of the gun and blocks the action from being closed. You may chose this option if you do not have a way to lock your firearm in an enclosed space. 

Price: $10-$50  

Gun Cases

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Plastic and fabric gun cases are ideal for transporting your firearm. Most can be locked from the outside. Padded fabric sleeves and foam-lined plastic cases are designed for safely transporting your firearm but the materials are not intended for longer-term storage. Metal gun cases offer portable storage, like a fabric or plastic case, but has much greater security. Lockable hard cases will keep your firearm more secure than a zip-up fabric case; however all cases are primarily used for transportation and meant for secure, permanent storage.

***Be sure to check your local regulation requirements before transporting your firearm.

Price: $10- $150

Strong Boxes

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Strong boxes can be mounted for permanent attachment and quick opening locks. They provide sufficient storage to protect your gun’s finish and offer strong, reliable locking systems with keys, combinations, or in some cases electronic push-button access. This option is great if you wish to have quick access to your firearm while still protecting it from becoming damaged. 

Price: $25 - $350 

Locking Steel Gun Cabinets
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Locking steel cabinets are perfect for apartment buildings or second-floor rooms as they are lighter than a gun safe. They have simpler locking mechanisms and lack insulation which reduces costs making them much more affordable. Cabinets provide more storage space compared to cases and can be bolted to the wall or floor like a safe. This is a great budget-friendly option especially if you do not have an extensive firearm collection.

Price: $150 - $450

Gun Safes

Find this gun safe at Bass Pro Shops

Safes should be purchased with a life-time commitment in mind. Safes possess locks that prevent a gun from being handled or loaded, upholstered interiors and gun racks to protect the finish of your firearms, and serve as an effect theft deterrent. There are many makes and models of gun safes so it’s important to think about cost as well as the amount of firearms you own or plan to purchase in the future. Safes come in different sizes, gauges of steel, locking mechanisms, levels of fire resistance (if any), warranties, shelf and rack configurations, and exterior color and finishes. All of these factors are things to consider and will determine a safe’s price. Safes can get very large, heavy, and expensive but are the most secure gun storage option available.

Price: $500 - $2500+

The right safe storage option for everyone will be different. Whichever method you choose, ensure that it provides the proper level of protection to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the firearms. 

As a gun owner, it is your responsibility to be proactive in accident prevention by storing your firearms properly. 

Have a happy and safe holiday season!
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