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What Are You Carrying Today?

What Are You Carrying Today?

The NRA has provided firearms training, competition, and safety programs since its founding in 1871. In 1960 the Law Enforcement Division was created specifically to provided the law enforcement community with a means to certify law enforcement firearm instructors, helping ensure our men and women in blue are properly trained with their service arms.

NRA Law Enforcement also hosts law enforcement firearm competitions, because we believe competition is a direct extension of training. 

It should be no surprise that many law enforcement officers, both active and retired, are members of the NRA and that the organization employs more than a few former LEO; especially in our Law Enforcement Division.

With that in mind, we cornered the Police Pistol Combat Competitions Manager and told him to empty his pockets — risky, we know!

Here's what he had:

1. First-Light TORQ LE
2. Smith & Wesson Model 60
3. City of Fairfax, Virginia, Retirement Badge
4. Aholster Pocket Holster

What are the daily essentials for your pockets?

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