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The Great Pumpkin Shooting Challenge

The Great Pumpkin Shooting Challenge

Who doesn’t like carving pumpkins?! Sure, it can be messy and time consuming, but the end result always makes it worth while. 

Well, we recently came across a YouTube video by hickok45 who completely changed the game of pumpkin carving. 

So naturally, we had to accept this unspoken challenge and try this technique for ourselves.

First, we attempted the classic Jack O’ Lanterns with a .45 pistol and a .22 rifle...

Next came carving “NRA” with an AR15...

And last but not least, destroying pumpkins with 12 gauge slugs...

Thank you hickok45 for inspiring us to step up our pumpkin carving game! We’d love to shoot pumpkins with you at the NRA Range sometime!

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