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The Gun of the Future

The Gun of the Future

Back to the Future II traveled 30 years ahead to October 21, 2015 to give you a picture of a potential future. 

Since today is Back to the Future Day, the NRA Blog staff traveled forward 30 more years to give you a glimpse of what could be the "amazing" progressive gun of the future...

After a series of gun control laws were passed abolishing all gun manufacturers, a government committee designed the last gun you’ll ever need. 

Here it is. It’s here. Introducing the LOL-OMG-BBQ 2045.

This gun is made for you! The LOL-OMG-BBQ2045.

Features of the best-selling-award-winning, mandatory, LOL-OMG-BBQ2045:

"We don’t take away your guns, we give them to you"
  • Ward off your foes with the LOL-OMG-BBQ2045 restraining order issuing barrel
  • But don’t forget to look your best because there’s an automated selfie scope
  • Determine your eligibility to use the LOL-OMG-BBQ2045 by checking your credit via finger print credit check
  • Out of restraining orders? Hit the self destruct button and call your state senator to order a new one
  • Simultaneously shout your password (passwords must contain 8-10 characters including 1 number, 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter and 1 special symbol/character) and pull the trigger to start the voice controlled intelligent personal assistant’s countdown …10 seconds later, you have successfully issued your restraining order.
  • Engage multiple targets with the high-capacity 2 round magazine.
  • On board lunar powered charging panel gives you 20 minutes of battery life on a full charge (Backup sold separately) 
  • Don't worry the CO2 Scrubber will ensure you aren't leaving any carbon footprint

Pre-order your All-American LOL-OMG-BBQ2045 today!!!!

Made in China.

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