National Rifle Association Foundation awards $15,000 in college scholarships

Youth Education Summit

Fairfax, Virginia - A total of $15,000 in college scholarships will be split among six 2012 NRA Youth Education Summit attendees in recognition of their outstanding performance in the Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship project.

The Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship begins at the conclusion of each year's NRA Y.E.S., the Washington DC-based seven-day educational experience for high school students covering the constitution, federal government and the NRA’s impact on the Second Amendment through community outreach programs.

Following each year's Y.E.S., the 46 participants are eager to return home and educate their local communities on the positive effects of NRA programs like Eddie Eagle GunSafe, Women On Target and Refuse To Be A Victim. The Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship encourages students to create a portfolio documenting their involvement in NRA programs over the next nine months and awards college scholarships to the most inspiring projects.

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NRA Youth Education Summit Grand Scholarship offers thousands in education aid

Youth Education Summit Grand Scholarship entries

Fairfax, Virginia - Each summer's annual NRA Youth Education Summit, the seven-day all expenses educational experience in Washington, DC, for high school students, has plenty of opportunities to compete for college scholarships. After the summit ends, there's an even bigger opportunity available - the Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship.

While at Y.E.S., rising high school sophomores and juniors travel the Washington, DC area learning about how our federal government works as well as the importance of the Second Amendment and the benefits the NRA provides through its community outreach programs. The optional Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship, beginning when the weeklong summit ends, gives that year's attendees nine months to introduce NRA safety education and training programs into their communities, documenting the process and results.

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Oregon Y.E.S. sends two students to national summit later this June

Inaugural class of Oregon NRA Youth Education Summit

Fairfax, Virginia - The inaugural Oregon State NRA Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) concluded this past weekend, setting the stage for the June 24 National NRA Y.E.S. in Washington D.C.

A week long educational experience for high school sophomores and juniors, Y.E.S. is an opportunity for today's youth to receive first hand knowledge of how the federal government really works. Not just anyone can attend Y.E.S., though. For most there is an application process to the expenses paid once in a lifetime trip, but others must compete directly with their peers in state-level summits before winning a ticket to the nation's capital.

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Several States host a Youth Education Summit every year before sending a select few to Washington

NRA Y.E.S. Students on steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol Fairfax, VA- The newest edition of the NRA Foundation’s Traditions magazine contains a special story about Pennsylvania’s successful Youth Education Summit program. Enjoy this sneak peak, and be sure to read the entire story when your copy of Traditions Magazine arrives:

Pennsylvania's Youth Education Summit
Since its inception, Pennsylvania’s Friends of NRA has consistently generated impressive and successful programs. One of the most noteworthy is its Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.), a competitive program designed to mold high school youth into educated leaders of their generation. In late April, 19 students from across the Keystone State gathered for this year’s Y.E.S. program, and it proved to be an event they will not soon forget.

After arrival the eager students hit the ground running on a packed five-day itinerary easily mistakable for that of a month long event. They sat with mouths agape on Thursday evening while their dedicated chaperones provided an overview of activities to come.

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Texas high school students learn about their state government and the roles voters play

Texas capitol building in Austin during the 2013 Texas State Youth Education Summit

Fairfax, Virginia - Prior to the National Youth Education Summit, held each June in Washington, DC, some states have begun holding State Youth Education Summit programs to introduce high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors to their state government and learn about their state's unique heritage and history, and obtain a better understanding of volunteer organizations and how young citizens can become involved in serving their communities. Of course, like at National Y.E.S., a special emphasis is also placed on the benefits of firearms ownership.

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2013 NRA Y.E.S. participants to be announced at end of the month

Who will experience the 2013 NRA Youth Education Summit?

Fairfax, Virginia - It's that time of year again. No, not the NFL Draft. Well okay, yes next week's draft. But that isn't the only thing happening at the end of April. The participants of this year's NRA Youth Education Summit (YES) will soon be announced!

The National Y.E.S. is a once in a lifetime seven-day, all expenses paid leadership seminar here in Washington, D.C. Open to any sophomore or junior with at least a 3.00 grade point average, Y.E.S. is an opportunity for today's youth to receive first hand knowledge of how the federal government really works through activities such as:

  • Guest speakers at NRA Headquarters and the National Firearms Museum
  • Competitive debates with other high school students from across the nation
  • Informative tours at historic sites and monuments in and around Washington, D.C.

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New Mexico's 2012 NRA Y.E.S. participant reflects on last year's summit

Emily Allen, who attended the 2012 Youth Education Summit on behalf of her home state of New Mexico, recently sent us an essay she'd written on how the weeklong trip to D.C. has influenced her life. Read on to have Emily share the knowledge she gained at Y.E.S.

2012 NRA Youth Education Summit Emily Allen of New Mexico

I will never forget the excitement that ran through me as I opened the packet with trembling hands that told me I had been chosen as the 2012 Youth Education Summit representative for New Mexico. I originally applied for the trip because of my love of history and Y.E.S. sounded like a great way to get to enjoy some history in our nation’s capital. Little did I know that this trip would open my horizons and help me become the person I am today.

Through the Youth Education Summit, I have become the civically active person I have always dreamed of being. The Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program was one of the many excellent programs I learned about while on the trip. I absolutely love this program and I have gained many opportunities to teach and hand it out as a volunteer of the program. Through outdoor and gun shows, along with scouting and church groups, I have had the opportunity to affect over 650 kids in my local area! It is so incredibly rewarding to have little kids run out of the classroom to tell their parents about what Eddie just taught them, knowing that it could save these little guys’ lives.

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Texas Governor Rick Perry welcomes students to State's first NRA YES event

Letter welcoming students to NRA's Texas Youth Education Summit from Governor Rick Perry Arlington, Texas - NRA's Youth Education Summit (YES) brings more than forty students from across the United States to Washington, DC. While here in the nation's capital, they visit with political leaders, take part in seminars with NRA staff, tour the monuments and learn what it truly means to be an American citizen.

There are a number ways for the kids to earn a spot on the YES bandwagon. Sometimes a stellar application is all it takes. Maybe they find a way to wrangle up a recommendation from an NRA Board Member or elected official. Or the teens are chosen based on their performance at a state YES event.

Texas is one of those states that holds their own YES event ... at least they are now. Thanks to the hard work of South Texas Field Representative Liz Foley, the little Lone Stars were treated to the first Texas YES down in Austin.

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Hundreds of high school students from all over the United States applied for the NRA's week long educational experience

Who will experience the 2013 NRA Youth Education Summit?

Fairfax, Virginia - The Youth Education Summit, NRA's educational experience for high school students, received a record number 300 applications this year.

The week long trip brings high school sophomores and juniors from all over the country to our nation's capital, Washington D.C., for a time they won't soon forget.

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