3 Generations of local family attends NRA Annual meeting

The Domijan Boy Scout brothers at NRA's Annual Meeting
Paul and Anthony Domijan at the NRA Convention in St. Louis.

St. Louis, Missouri - While searching for Top Shot's Greg Littlejohn on the final day of NRA's Convention in St. Louis, I ran into the Domijan brothers at the Smith & Wesson booth. Paul (a Life Scout) and Anthony (an Eagle Scout) appeared to be on their own and completely in awe of their surroundings.

"No, our father and grandfather are over at the Henry booth," said Paul.

Residents of South St. Louis, Paul and Anthony are members of Boy Scout Troop 473. Enthused by their attendance, I inquired as to their impressions on the weekend.


The Boy Scouts of America are one of NRA's most active Youth Cooperative Organizations, who utilize NRA firearms training for their shooting sports programs. Troop 270 from new Hampshire is no exception. Thank you to Scoutmaster Mike Michaels for sending the following report and photos from Troop 270's day of rifle shooting.

Tenderfoot Scout Nathan Cormier
Tenderfoot Scout Nathan Cormier admires one of his targets. Photo by Carol Lane
Dunbarton, New Hampshire - Boy Scout Troop 270 of Pembroke, New Hampshire brought out 18 Boy Scouts and 10 adults for a great day of rifle training and shooting fun. Weather was no concern as the boys were donated indoor range time and target rifle usage from Pioneer Sportsmen Inc. of Dunbarton, New Hampshire. Pioneer is a private club for pistol, rifle and archery with a beautiful and well equipped indoor range.

New shooters just starting the Rifle Merit Badge went through the NRA FIRST Steps rifle course with Instructor Scott Lane. Experienced boys proceeded directly to the range to complete their groups. One of the toughest parts of earning the Merit Badge is shooting five, 5-shot groups at 50 feet that can be covered by a quarter. Many of the participants were able to complete the requirements. All the boys had a great time with over 1600 rounds fired.

The troop shoot was organized by Scoutmaster Mike Michaels who has been a firearms enthusiast since the first day he shot a .22 rifle as a young Boy Scout. Michaels is noticing that there are not enough kids involved in the shooting sports but yet all of the scouts he meets are very interested in shooting.


East Bethel, MN -Thank you to NRA Training Counselor Linn Laage for the following report and photo from the 2011 BSA Venturing Muzzleloading Rifle National Championship Postal Match, which was open to all Venture Scouts and Crews.

Venture Scouts from the Northern Star Council in Minnesota

The Northern Star Council Ventures swept the 2011 BSA Venturing Muzzleloading Rifle National Championship Postal Match. The cold Minnesota weather was no problem for these hearty Ventures. The match was held on December 27, 2011 at Beaverbrook Tri-County Sportsmen's Club in East Bethel. The match consisted of five shots at a six-inch target with the "10" ring only one inch in diameter.


Scouts from St. Louis Troop 630 taking rifle practice at S-F Scout Ranch

Kevin Cummins, an NRA Certified Training Counselor, sent us the following on Boy Scout Troop 630's Rifle Shoot Campout:

St. Louis, Missouri - Scouts from Troop 630 of the St. Louis area Boy Scout council took part in their annual rifle shoot and tipi campout at the S-F (pronounced “S bar F”) Scout Ranch near Knob Lick, Missouri. The 5,200 acre property has three Scout Camps, one high adventure base, a water park, numerous hiking trails, several shooting ranges, cabins, tree houses, Adirondacks and fishing galore on the 270 acre Nims Lake.


Thanks to Rob Beckman for passing along the following report and photo from a Training Counselor Workshop in Kansas.   

The trainers and students from a Training Counselor Workshop in Kansas

Kansas City, Kansas - No one could had planned for nicer weather on the last weekend of winter. It was under those sunny skies and 80 degree weather that NRA's Education and Training Department conducted a Training Counselor Development Workshop (TCDW) at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation in Kansas City, Kansas.


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Basic Shotgun stance and aiming for boy scout instructors in St. Louis.
Future Shotgun Instructors taking the first steps in class.

Kevin Cummins, an NRA Certified Training Counselor, sent us the following on a class he held for the Boy Scouts of America's Greater St. Louis Area Council:

St. Louis, Missouri - The Greater St. Louis Area Council of the BSA hosted a Shotgun Instructor class 24-26 February, 2012 at the Beaumont Scout Reservation in west St. Louis County.

Education is key to everything we do. Our parents enrolled us in elementary school so we would receive the education necessary to become good citizens and be self-reliant members of society. It is incumbent upon us to not only continue our education daily, but to make certain today’s youth are educated to best of our ability.


Boy Scouts of America Logo

It's no secret that the NRA and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have been working together for years to help train those in Scouting to become NRA Certified Intructors and Training Counselors. This weekend, a group of 14 BSA National Camp School Directors from all across the country have traveled to NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia for some additional training.

Already certified as NRA Training Counselors, the group is attending training to learn about how to implement shooting sports programs at their National Camp Schools, helping expose thousands of Scouts to the shooting sports and helping them earn Rifle and Shotgun Merit Badges. They already use their Training Counselor certification to create NRA Certified Instructors within the BSA network, helping to expand the number of adults who are qualified to help Scouts earn their shooting Merit Badges and learn firearms safety.


NRA assisting "Year-Round" Boy Scouts shooting programs

NRA Director Bill Poole holds a memo of support from the Boy Scouts of America Fairfax, Virginia - As Director of the NRA Education and Training Department, Bill Poole is a busy man. There's courses to review, instructors to recruit, materials to order and much much more. But when there's an opportunity to put something together with a quality organization like the Boy Scouts of America, there's always time to spare. That's where the "Memorandum of Mutual Support" comes into play.

Occurring almost to the day of Scouting's 102th Anniversary (founded on February 8, 1910), the memo helps solidifies the relationship between the two groups. Among other things, it recognizes the Boy Scouts as "the national leader in youth development ..." and acknowledges that "the National Rifle Association as the nation's leader in providing firearms safety and marksmanship training." Additional mentions include the importance of marksmanship, the need to improve training and value of NRA Certified Instructors.


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