The 2013 Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors get a new addition

2013 Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors logo

Fairfax, Virginia - We announced the selection of six new Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors for 2013 a month ago. These shooting sports representatives were chosen from NRA Youth Cooperative Organizations because of their ability to make a difference in their communities.

These ambassadors represent the Boy Scouts of America, the National High School Rodeo Association, USA Shooting, the Royal Rangers, BSA Venturing and the NRA. Unfortunately, we discovered that this year's chosen NRA representative would be unable to join his fellow Ambassadors during their official appearances — a replacement needed to be found. We hope to have the details on that replacement sometime next week.

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Having the right instructor can make all the difference in Scouting

Taking in the fine points of shotgun instructing by Kevin Cummins at the Beaumont Scout Reservation

Kevin Cummins is an NRA Advanced Certified Instructor out of St. Louis. He's been holding shotgun instructor courses in Missouri for a long time now. His specialty is teaching those who teach the scouts. Here's an update on a recent class:

The Greater St. Louis Area Council of the BSA hosted a Shotgun Instructor class 12-13 October, 2012 at Beaumont Scout Reservation.

Education is key to firearm safety. We need to educate the next generation in the shooting sports. It begins with safe firearm handling.

Education is the foundation for everything we do. Our parents enrolled us in school so we could receive the education necessary to become good citizens and self-reliant members of society. It is incumbent upon us to continue our education daily and make certain that today’s youth are educated to best of their ability.

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Recruits receive Thanksgiving thanks to Illinois Venturing Crew

Larry Quandahl of NRA's Youth Programs Department popped into my office this week with a handful of stories. All deserve to be heard, but one that jumped out at me centered on an Illinois Venturing Crew raising money for the local Naval training base. Thanks to Venture Crew 1220 for sharing their tale.

Itasca, Illinois - Venture Crew 1220 of the Itasca/Wood Dale neighborhoods of Illinois came to the rescue of Naval recruits at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. The Venturers of Crew 1220 are experienced when it comes to using NRA Basic and Instructor Courses for fundraisers. They have offered both courses in the past to help pay for high adventure trips, like Philmont. In December 2011, Jim Appleby (an NRA Appointed Training Counselor) told the Crew about VFW Post 2801 of Villa Park. It set the stage for everything.

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Are you a shooting coach? An instructor? Then you can help the Boy Scouts next July in Mount Hope

A proud Scout from the Kansas City area shows off his cherished souvenir Federal  shotgun shells complete with the Jamboree logo after finishing his 5 Stand experience at Camp Thunder.on NRAblog Kansas City area Scout shows off his cherished souvenir at Camp Thunder - shotgun shells with the Jamboree logo. (Photo by Philip Schreier)
The 2013 Boy Scout Jamboree is right around the corner. Taking place at the brand new High Adventure Base just outside of Mount Hope, West Virginia, it appears they are in need. In need of coaches and instructors.

"We were contacted by officials from the Boy Scouts of America," said NRA Education & Training Director Bill Poole. "They are looking for USA Archery Level 1 Instructors, NRA Certified Instructors and Certified NRA Coaches to run what they tell me is the largest youth shooting sports event ever held in West Virginia."

Here's a bit from their formal announcement:

Shooting Sports promises to be a sensational section at the Jamboree as thousands of Boy Scouts and Venturers will experience numerous shooting sports activities. 

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Sea Cadets offer teens the chance to experience real-life Naval situations — even a few days training with the Navy SEALS

U.S. Navy Sea Cadets touring the National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - Back in the early 1960s, the Navy was looking for a few good men. Taking their cue from the Boy Scouts of America, they started a youth program focused on those with a focus on the sea ... the Sea Cadets. Ever since that day it's been full speed ahead with promising results.

"About 80% of the those who join the Sea Cadets will go into the military," explained Commanding Officer Lt. Michael J. Treacy — an NRA member since age 11. "They enlist, enroll in ROTC or attend a military college. Today, for example, 12% of those attending the Naval Academy are former Sea Cadets."

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Who will help the NRA promote the shooting sports this year?

2013 Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors logo

The selections have been finalized and the list has been released. We now have your Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors for this next year.

These six young supporters of the shooting sports truly make a difference in their community, and that's why they were chosen. They come from NRA Youth Cooperative Organizations all over the country, looking to involve themselves in the preservation of the shooting sports.

The Youth Ambassadors won't make their debut until the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas this January, but we'll be bringing you their stories leading up to the expo. If you miss them in Vegas, they'll also make appearances at the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Houston, Texas next spring.

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New Jersey teens arrive in dress whites to tour NRA Museum

Sea Cadets and League Cadets pose outside NRA Headquarters in Northern Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - Yesterday, Saturday the 29th of September, marked the arrival of some very important guests at the National Rifle Association. Straight from the docks of Lawrenceville, New Jersey came the John T. Dempster Jr. Division of the Sea Cadets — a nonprofit organization that teaches teenagers teamwork, self-confidence, and leadership.

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Next year's ambassadors to the shooting sports almost finalized

The 2012 Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors meet Frank Brownell at SHOT Show

Our Youth Programs Department is about to announce the 2013 Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors. These six young men and women are chosen from members of various NRA Youth Cooperative Organizations for their excellence in academics, involvement within their community, and participation in the shooting sports.

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Exhibit details NRA's involvement with instructing Scouts on safe firearms handling

Exhibit on NRA's relationship with Boy Scouts of America

There's a new piece of flair around the NRA Headquarters offices. On the building's top floor, the sixth, where our Competitive Shooting and Education & Training divisions reside, a display case on the NRA's relationship with the Boy Scouts of America has appeared.

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