Complete shooting sport adventure at Kentucky's Rockcastle

Zipline action during NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure in the Mammoth Cave National Park

There's always more to do.

More to learn, more to experience and more to perfect.

That's the spirit behind my #7 story of 2012 (taken from the files of Kerrin Brinkman); the launch of NRA's Women's Outdoor Adventure at the Rockcastle Shooting Complex in Park City, Kentucky.

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NRA Women's Network

Today is Mother's Day, a day dedicated to recognizing women who play a special role in our lives. But here at the NRA, we celebrate the role of women in the shooting sports each and every day. The new NRA Women's Network is helping us do just that, serving as a resource and tool. Whether you're looking to become more involved in the shooting sports or just want to meet likeminded ladies, the NRA Women's Network has all the information that you need.

This new resource provides information on hunting, shooting, training, education, and much more. It also gives an in depth look at some of the "The Women of the NRA" - the ladies who have made the NRA a part of their lives. We encourage you to explore the NRA Women's Network and discover all that the NRA has to offer women, including program like the recent NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure. Take a look at the video below to meet Elizabeth Lanier, an instructor from the event with a passion for getting more women behind the gun.  

Annette models clothing from Prois Hunting Apparel Park City, Kentucky - For many women, finding comfortable and stylish clothing for hunting and shooting can be quite a challenge. Long ago, most of us have settled for wearing men's hunting apparel — leaving much to be desired in fit and function. Saturday night at the Women's Outdoor Adventure, ladies were treated to a special fashion show featuring designs from the industry's top brands.

Prois Hunting Apparel hit the runway first. Modeled by WOA personnel, the gear was a hit thanks to the camp patterns, flattering fit and comfort creating effectiveness. Prois representative Hayden was on hand to provide details on the female-focused garments and gear; each designed to withstand and overcome the rain, cold and snow.

Switching gears, the models appeared next in a beautiful collection of clothing from Good Shot Design. Aimed at providing females with the best in quality and style, the tweed-based outfits from Good Shot Design are made specifically to go straight from the field to the office. Daryl, our man from Good Shot, made sure to highlight the attention put into each piece ... from the trim to the satin lining.

Every look was paired with matching jewelry from The Elegant Huntress. Handcrafted by owner/creator Carol Smeltzer, each piece is a one-of-a-kind treasure designed to match the colors of your camouflage. Whether hunting in the woods, on the prairie, in the snow or in the mountains, jewelry from Elegant Huntress ensures you'll look good no matter what the attire.

So remember, ladies - there are designers out there making hunting and shooting apparel (and accessories) with you in mind. It's time to stop settling for the also rans and start thinking about the manufacturers who are thinking about you.

To see more of the dazzling items that wowed the crowd, check out the fashion show slideshow after the jump.


Kentucky Derby excitement followed by Hunting Fashion Show

Women's Outdoor Adventurers don their Derby hats to watch the Kentucky Derby

Park City, Kentucky - Ladies of NRA's Women's Outdoor Adventure celebrated the running of the Kentucky Derby in high style last night. Although unable to make the trip to Churchill Downs, they reveled in the racing spirit while donning their Derby hats on race day. Upon entering the room, each woman chose a rose bearing the name of a horse running in the Derby. Picking the right name was of great importance.


The ladies line up in Cowboy Town for the Show n' Shoot

Park City, Kentucky - The Women's Outdoor Adventure got a little wild this afternoon as the ladies headed to Cowboy Town at the Rockcastle Shooting Center. Set with store fronts modeled after the Old West, the range used for cowboy action shooting at Rockcastle transformed into one long firing line as the women got to shoot a wide variety of firearms during the Show n' Shoot.

From Blaser high-power rifles to Smith & Wesson revolvers, and Henry lever-action rifles, the ladies spent the afternoon rotating between firearms. They also enjoyed a special treat - being able to shoot guns used in competition by their instructors including Annette Ayers Smith & Wesson revolvers, Debbie Keehart's custom pistols, and Kay Miculek's Smith & Wesson rifle.


WOA participant Marie shoots a plate rack during the 3-gun competition
Marie shoots a plate rack during the 3-gun competition at Rockcastle Shooting Center

Park City, Kentucky - As promised, we have more photos from yesterday's multi-gun competition at the NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure. Over the course of the morning, the ladies blasted their way through three different stages, utilizing the skills they learned earlier this week.

We also learned who led the pack during the competition. Angela grabbed first place in the competition, followed by fellow participants Heather and Marie. The trio will take home shirts from Rockcastle Shooting Center as a reward for topping the leaderboard.


Women's Outdoor Participant Beverly moves to her next target during the multi-gun competition.
Women's Outdoor Adventurer Beverly moves from target to target during the multi-gun competition

Park City, Kentucky - Today's activities at the Women's Outdoor Adventure centered around multi-gun competition. Over the past few days, the ladies spent a good deal of time learning the ins and outs of rifles, pistols and shotguns. That was all in preparation for this morning's multi-gun events.

Instructors created three courses of fire for the women to complete. Using the firearms they received training on with this week, each ran through the course while being scored for time and accuracy. And in the true spirit of sportsmanship, every competitor was showered with cheers of encouragement and praise while they made their run. There was also a little friendly competition brewing as they rushed to check on each other's score upon completion of each stage.


Women's Outdoor Adventure has no shortage of chances to shoot

Park City, Kentucky - At the inaugural Women's Outdoor Adventure, there's been no shortage of fun. Partly because of the people involved and partly because there's been no shortage of shooting. These ladies have spent a good many hours on the range while at the Rockcastle Shooting Center and yesterday afternoon was no exception.


Kentucky's Mammoth Cave adds horses to the NRA Adventure

Participants of the Women's Outdoor Adventure enjoy a trail ride on horseback

Park City, Kentucky - We're down to the final two days of NRA's Women's Outdoor Adventure here at the Rockcastle Shooting Center. Filled with nonstop activity, the ladies have taken their turns shooting sporting clays, tactical-style rifle and an action pistol competition.

They've also been enjoying the great outdoors with dinners near a historic cave as well as a tree-top zip-line canopy tour of Mammoth Cave National Park. But how can you be to Kentucky, right before Derby weekend no less, without spending an afternoon on horseback? Thanks to the Mammoth Cave Adventures, our ladies were able to get a taste of that Derby excitement as they set out on their favorite fillies for a trail ride through Mammoth Cave National Park.


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