An NRA filled day of firearms education for ladies in Alaska

An NRA Women On Target participant takes a look at her target after a few shots

NRA Field Operations' Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator Allison Terusiak shared a story about a great Women On Target clinic on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.

Elaina Spraker Fires Off the Kenai Peninsula Women On Target Program

Are you a woman who has time and time again watched your husband from the window shooting his guns outside? Do you secretly wish you could join the guys on their next big hunting trip? Or perhaps you may be the type who simply wants to have a working knowledge of these cold-metal, comes in all shapes and sizes, and in many ways intimidating tools that we call firearms?

If so, fear not, Elaina Spraker of the Kenai Peninsula Women On Target Clinic has just the thing for you.

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2011 Youth Education Summit attendee Rebekah Abel

Last week we paged through one of the top finishers in the Youth Education Summit Grand Scholarship andlearn about how they brought NRA programs into their communities. Let's take a look at the other top applicant, Rebekah Abel, who also received a college scholarship of $6,500.

The Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship takes place after the seven-day National Y.E.S. in Washington, D.C. Students who are interested can plan and document the introduction of programs like Refuse To Be A Victim, Women On Target and more to their hometowns.

Rebekah, like Amanda, attended the 2011 Y.E.S., where she and her classmates spent a week seeing practically all of the sights in our nation's capital as they learned the significance of the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the importance of being an active citizen.

When Rebekah returned home to Johnstown, Ohio, she was determined to become an active NRA supporter in her home state of Ohio and hopefully get some assistance for her future college studies along the way.


Centreville, Virginia - There's still plenty of material to be had from our hometown NRA Women On Target® Clinic in Centreville. Luckily, new guy intern James was here to help spread the word.

So with a little bit of my filming, and a great deal of James' edition, we have a quick tidbit of the black powder adventures from Women on Target.

2011 NRA Youth Education Summit participant Amanda Krpan

2011 Youth Education Summit attendee Amanda Krpan was one of the top two finishers in this year's Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship, receiving a college scholarship of $6,500.

We've already told you applying for the scholarship entails introducing NRA programs into the student's community and documenting the process, but let's take a look in Amanda's application binder to see what's inside.

During her time in the nation's capital, Amanda toured most of the memorials and monuments in the area with 44 other high school sophomores and juniors as they learned the significance of the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the importance of being an active citizen.

Finding themselves in places like The Capitol Building, Marine Corps Base Quantico and of course NRA Headquarters, the kids had a lot of fun. The summit wasn't just one long tour full of photo ops though, students participated in individual speeches and debates during the week as they competed for up to $10,000 in college scholarships which were awarded at the summit's conclusion. 


Director Pam Meara laughs with Women on Target students
Centreville, Virginia - It's good face a challenge. Face a fear, learn a new language, or in the case of Pam Meara, take over an NRA Women on Target event.

Women on Target provides ladies with the opportunity to learn about firearms and gain confidence in their shooting skills in a safe, encouraging environment. Skills that Pam seems to be mastering with passion and a smile.

"This is my first year running the event," said Meara. "But I've been an instructor at every Women on Target event we've had here over the past ten years."


nra women on target shotgun lesson in virginia
NRA Women on Target participant hits her target (see the scattered clay on the left) during shotgun class.

Centreville, Virginia - NRA's Centreville Women on Target event included lessons in rifle, pistol and shotgun. Though there are dozens of familiar faces, none are more memorable then that of Steve Canale.

Canale oversees the shotgun venue. With a little more than a half dozen volunteers under his watch, it's his cool, concise and energizing instructions that make the learning process possible.

"The key is your stance," Canale explained. "Get the gun locked on the starting point, look high, then break the target."


Flint sparks the Wall Gun at NRA's Women on Target event in Centreville, Virginia
Flint sparks the powder milliseconds before the Wall Gun fires.

Centreville, Virginia - One of the biggest attractions every year at the Centreville NRA Women On Target® Clinic are the blackpowder rifles. Taking a step into yesteryear, the ladies are transported to the time before smokeless and self-contained cartridges. With a Wall Gun, Blunderbuss, Kentucky Rifle and just begging to be fired, there was a consistent flow of customers to each and every station.

"I have to admit, it looked intimidating," said Alice — a first time shooter. "But it was fun. After the Wall Gun, I wanted to shoot more blackpowder guns!"


NRA Women's Network

Today is Mother's Day, a day dedicated to recognizing women who play a special role in our lives. But here at the NRA, we celebrate the role of women in the shooting sports each and every day. The new NRA Women's Network is helping us do just that, serving as a resource and tool. Whether you're looking to become more involved in the shooting sports or just want to meet likeminded ladies, the NRA Women's Network has all the information that you need.

This new resource provides information on hunting, shooting, training, education, and much more. It also gives an in depth look at some of the "The Women of the NRA" - the ladies who have made the NRA a part of their lives. We encourage you to explore the NRA Women's Network and discover all that the NRA has to offer women, including program like the recent NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure. Take a look at the video below to meet Elizabeth Lanier, an instructor from the event with a passion for getting more women behind the gun.  

Ladies learn the basics of firearm safety and shooting

Ladies disperse after a group picture at the Centreville Women on Target clinic

Centreville, Virginia - Today's NRA Women On Target® Clinic had a little bit of everything. That's everything from rifles to pistols to shotguns and archery for participants to try. Some were seasoned shooters while others were seasoned veterans. Either way, there were plenty of grins to go around.


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