Royal Canadian Flying Corps 1911

Finding the perfect gun for Curator's Corner is quite a daunting task. Sure, there are hundreds of them just lying around the National Firearms Museum ... but how do you keep track of them. What gun did you use last week? Last month? Last year? Making sure that he wasn't going go double up on us, Senior Curator Doug Wicklund reached into his own collection for a 1911 that belong to a long lost pilot from World War I.


Burgess Slide Action Folding shotgun

Fairfax, Virginia - After Senior Curator Doug Wicklund made his 2012 debut last week on Curator's Corner with a Sharps Rifle, we were unsure as to where he would go next. After all, a gun with the history of the Sharps... how are you going to beat that? How about with a Burgess Folding Shotgun.


A Sharps Model 1859 Percussion Carbine at the NRA Museum
NRA Museum Senior Curator holds a Sharps Model 1859 Percussion Carbine.

Fairfax, Virginia - There's always a great deal of anticipation when Thursday night rolls around. What oh what are the Curator's going to bring out tonight for Curator's Corner? Well tonight we have two specials ... the appearance of the National Firearms Museum's Doug Wicklund and the appearance of a Confederate Sharps Model 1859 Percussion Carbine.


Youth Education Summit student fires a Grease Gun from World War II at the NRA Headquarters Range

Fairfax, Virginia - Students attending NRA's 2012 Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) are exposed to many a new things. They get to tour monuments, meet Congressmen and partake in the goodies at the NRA Headquarters Range. And thanks to the staff and the National Firearms Museum, there's even a little submachine gun action.


National Firearms Museum changes Centennial Collection pistols

NRA stamp on a Springfield Armory 1911 pistol
Fairfax, Virginia - On the way into the building this muggy morning, National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Doug Wicklund stopped me at the elevators with a question.

"Have you seen the NRA 1911? We just added it to the Centennial Collection. Might be worth a picture." Sure enough it was.

According to Wicklund, there was time when NRA Life Members were allowed to purchase a Colt or Springfield Armory 1911 from the U.S. Army. Course, that time was just prior to World War I, but there was a time none the less. Prior to delivery, the 1911s were altered just a little.


National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Doug Wicklund working on the 1911 Display on NRAblog.

In two weeks, National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Doug Wicklund (pictured above) will head out west to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. Filled with anticipation, he compiled the following preview for what's in store:

What do Luke Skywalker, James Bond and Tom Selleck all have in common?


Doug Wicklund with the NRA's Mayflower gun at Collingwood Library

Alexandria, Virginia - The crew down at the NRA National Firearms Museum often takes their show on the road. Later this year, they'll be taking part of that show to Alaska. But before that happens, Senior Curator Doug Wicklund brought a bit of the collection to Virginia's Collingwood Library & Museum.


Matt Sharpe, NRA Assistant Curator, poses with a modern handgun
Assistant Curator Matt Sharpe dons the cover of NRA Insight's March Digital Edition.

Those of us working here at NRA Headquarters are asked, at times, to go the extra mile. Stay late for a project, give up a weekend to work at a show, or, as was the case with National Firearms Museum Assistant Curator Matt Sharpe, stand in as a model for NRA InSights magazine.

"They asked and I answered," said Sharpe. "Who wouldn't jump at the chance to appear in an NRA magazine."


Looking at 3-time National Police Shooting Champion Robert Vadasz's 5-inch Nowlin 1911 pistol

Vadasz's Nowlin 1911 9mm pistol handgun for NRA National Police Shooting Championships

Over the past few months, NRAblog has been looking at the firearms used by U.S. Border Patrol Agent Robert Vadasz to win the 2011 National Police Shooting Championship. So far, we've touched on his Red Rock 1911, the Springfield Ultra Compact, the Nowlin 1911, and the Bob Jones .38 Special Revolver. To start March, it's another 1911 styled 9mm by famed gun maker John Nowlin, Sr. What makes this one different is that it comes with a 5-inch barrel.

"It's a five inch stock auto," Vadasz laughed. "Make sure you say it right."

3-time National Police Shooting Champion Robert Vadasz's 5-inch Nowlin 1911 pistol

More on the Vadasz's Nowlin 1911 9mm pistol...

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