Fairfax, Virginia - In Friends of NRA's fifth episode last season, Matt got invited out to an NRA Day in South Dakota to celebrate youth shooting sports. Joining up with Clayton Pederson, Field Rep to both Dakotas, Matt treked out to see what the SportsFest was all about.

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Ten-year volunteer helps children stay safe in the sunshine state

Florida's John Gluck is a ten year volunteer for the NRA's Eddie Eagle program

Law enforcement officers aren't the only people spreading Eddie Eagle's safety message across the country. This great article by Eddie Eagle Program Coordinator Katie McDermott highlights just one of the generous volunteers who give their time to ensure our children know what to do if they come across a firearm.

John Gluck of Seminole, Florida, has been a volunteer with the Eddie Eagle program for roughly ten years. During his tenure, he has reached over 200 children a year in his Florida community. He strives to get to as many schools, events, or other gatherings as he possibly can in order to get Eddie’s life-saving message out there to the public.

“It’s a fantastic program,” said Gluck. “We thank the Friends of NRA for all they do in order for us to receive the materials at no cost. I love the program.”

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Compton Hunting & Fishing Club's Friends of NRA Chairman raises big numbers

Southern California Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year Frank McEnulty

We've another great Friends of NRA story from Senior Event Services Coordinator Nicole McMahon. This one is about Frank McEnulty, recent Southern California Volunteer of the Year award winner who heads up the Compton Hunting & Fishing Club (CHFC) Friends of NRA committee. 

There's a hidden gem in in the town of Compton, California; the Compton Hunting & Fishing Club. In 2011 their Friends of NRA committee's net proceeds more than doubled from about $20,000 to over $45,000. Attendance at their annual banquet had been steady since CHFC started the committee in 1999, so what caused it? Last year's jump couldn't have happened without CHFC club member and committee chairman Frank McEnulty.

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Top Friends of NRA committee's chairman visits NRA headquarters from the last frontier

Denny Hamann and his wife Lori at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia

Who is Denny Hamann? The chairman of the Alaska State Friends of NRA, Denny Hamann is one of the most dedicated Friends of NRA volunteers in the country. You could even say he's eaten, breathed, and slept NRA for the past several years.

Hailing from Wasilla, Alaska, Hamann is a pivotal piece of the puzzle for the Alaska State committee and Alaska Friends of NRA as a whole. And 'pivotal' really does justice considering how well he helped his committee in 2011.

This year the Alaska State Friends of NRA were recipients of the Most Outstanding Friends of NRA Committee Award, an honor granted to the committee who raised the most funds at a single Friends of NRA event. This was the first time Alaska State received the award and Hamann, who proudly accepted the award at the NRA Board Meetings last week, has high hopes they'll receive it again.

Nicole McMahon, our Senior Event Services Coordinator at NRA, was able to pull Hamann aside for a few minutes when he was in town and got to ask him a few questions about his history with the committee.

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Official USMC photo by Staff Sgt. G. S. Thomas
NRA Youth Programs Program Coordinator Samantha Olsen was recently contacted by Jeff Nass in Wisconsin regarding the 9th Annual Armed Forces Camps. It sounded like such a great event that we asked if he could send us more on the event ... here's what we received:

The 9th Annual Armed Forces Camps were again a great success for the Marine Recruits (Poolee’s) here in Wisconsin. Every signed recruit in the 9th Marine Corps District is offered the chance to participate in the program. This year, 419 Poolees signed up. Since its inception in 2004, almost 4,000 recruits have made their way through the Camps.

To begin the day, recruits receive an updated classroom program on firearms safety, sight alignment, trigger control, nomenclature, and basic operation of the M16 type rifle. They then make their way to the range, load and fire 25 rounds of 5.56 x 45 ammunition.

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 NRA Region Volunteers of the Year Scott Hamann

We're going to wrap up our highlights of the 2011 Friends of NRA Region Volunteers of the Year with the Western Region's Scott Hamann.

The six region's volunteers are selected by committee of senior NRA staff from the pool of Field Rep-selected Area volunteers. These individuals, invaluable to the NRA, were invited to this year's National NRA Foundation Banquet at Annual Meeting as honorable guests and to receive their awards. Everyone was able to make it except Scott, who was in Hawaii with his wife celebrating their anniversary -- poor Scott.

Far from Hawaii, Scott can normally be found in Kenai, Alaska, where he is the current chairman of the Kenai/Soldotna Friends of NRA committee. The committee is relatively new, starting in 2003, and drew a cool 137 attendees to its first banquet and raised over $11,000.

Growing steadily, the committee featured 150 guests this past year and gathered an impressive $70,000 for the NRA Foundation. Scott himself raised over $98,000 during the 2011 banquet season from a combination of banquet tickets sold, sponsorships, underwriting, and donations. The Kenai/Soldotna committee has done pretty well for itself, seeing a total of 1,280 attendees raising $348,844 in just nine short years.

When Scott’s event sold out at 150 seats and, being held at the city's largest event center, couldn't possibly accommodate anyone else, Scott simply said “Let’s do two nights.” The second night sold extremely well and when was all was said and done the committee generated over $100,000. He is also chair of his State Fund Committee and attends and helps out at no less than four other Friends of NRA events around the state.


Online registration is now open for the 2012 National Matches at Camp Perry

Online registration is now open for the 2012 National Rifle and Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, where thousands of shooters will compete for the title of National Champion. The National Matches are broken down into four different phases: Pistol, Smallbore Rifle, High Power Rifle and Long Range High Power Rifle.

Through online entry, you can enter the various competitions individually. Once you have completed one entry, you will be given the option to enter a different match. Each competition can only be entered once per shooter.

To enter the NRA/M1A Springfield match, please use the NRA High Power Rifle Championship option.

We at NRAblog look forward to seeing you at Camp Perry this summer! If you can't join us, you can follow along with daily updates and photos right here on NRAblog.

Jeremie and Stephanie Wallace are NRA Southern Region Volunteers of the Year

Our next spotlight on this year's Region Volunteers of the Year is a twofer. Jeremie and Stephanie Wallace, together, are the 2011 Southern Region recipients.

A select committee of senior NRA staff choose the Region volunteers from the pool of Field Rep-selected Area volunteers. To call attention to their exception service, the Region Volunteers of the Year were brought up on stage during the National NRA Foundation Banquet at this year's Annual Meeting and were recognized as honored guests.

Jeremie & Stephanie Wallace call Valdosta, Georgia, home and are the current chairman and treasurer, respectively, of the Valdosta Area Friends of NRA committee. With only five years of service these two are relatively new members of the Friends of NRA family, but they've made quite the impact in their short time.

The Wallaces raised over $43,000 for their committee in the 2011 banquet season, a number that includes banquet tickets sold, sponsorships, underwriting, and donations. Formed in 1996, the Valdosta Area Friends of NRA committee hosted 63 attendees at its inaugural banquet, raising about $3,000. By 2011 both of those numbers had leaped considerably, with the committee sporting 158 attendees and over $22,000 raised at its 2011 banquet. All in all the Valdosta Area Friends of NRA have had 2,085 attendees to its 16 banquets and has raised $174,195 for NRA programs.


Continuing with our highlights of this year's Region Volunteer of the Year award winners, we bring you the Eastern Region's Diane March.

Friends of NRA's Region Volunteers of the year are chosen by a select committee of senior NRA staff from the pool of Field Rep-selected Area Volunteers of the Year. These exceptional volunteers for Friends of NRA were invited to the NRA Annual Meeting as honored guests where they received special recognition at the National NRA Foundation Banquet.

Diane March is a resident of Wappinger Falls, NY, serving as co-chairman of the Mid Hudson Friends of NRA committee. Approaching its twenty year anniversary, the committee's inception in 1994 saw an impressive 432 attendees at its first banquet, raising over $12,000. Since then, there have been 9,964 attendees at their events who have helped raise a cumulative $1.18 million. Diane raised over $50,000 for the 2011 banquet season alone through tickets sold, sponsorships, underwriting, and donations.


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