NRA Volunteer Spreads the Life-Saving Message of the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program

Gene Johnson playing Buffalo Bill and spreading the Eddie Eagle message at Frontier Day Colorado Springs, Colorado - NRA Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. We have professional shooters who teach basic shooting, retired collectors who work at the museum and concerned citizens like Gene Johnson who spread the word about the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program ... and he does so in a very unique manner.

Dressed as Buffalo Bill Cody, Mr. Johnson attends events like Territory Days in Old Colorado City to pass out Eddie Eagle materials to families in attendance. Here's more from this year's Territory Days:

An estimated attendance of 150,000 turned out for the annual Memorial Day 2013 event in Colorado Springs. Gene Johnson gave three performances as Colonel William F. ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody and distributed over 900 NRA Eddie Eagle ‘Parents Guide to Gun Safety’, as well as over a thousand Eddie Eagle Coloring Books and Comic Books to parents and their kids. ... more on Buffalo Bill spreading the word of Eddie Eagle ...

Tim Heuiser is Friends of NRA's Central Region Volunteer of the Year

Friends of NRA Eastern Region Volunteer of the Year Tim Heuiser

Fairfax, Virginia - Following Friends of NRA's Eastern Region Volunteer of the Year William Shank, the 2012 Central Region recipient is Missouri's Tim Heuiser.

Heuiser, who resides in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, has been a member of the South East Missouri Friends of NRA committee since it started in 1993 and has been an officer for 19 of those 20 years. Between banquet tickets sold, sponsorships, underwriting and donations, he raised over $67,000 during last year's banquet season banquet season.

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William Shank is Friends of NRA's Eastern Region Volunteer of the Year

Friends of NRA Eastern Region Volunteer of the Year William Shank

Fairfax, Virginia - Receiving a Friends of NRA Area Volunteer of the Year award is a great honor among the thousands of people who lend their time to the grassroots fundraising organization. Even greater still is to be named a Region Volunteer of the Year. These individuals are chosen from the pool of Area recipients by senior NRA staff for their exceptional contributions - a best of the best if you will.

NRAblog will be highlighting the winners from the five Friends of NRA regions - Eastern, Central, Mid West, Southern, Western - beginning with the Eastern region's William Shank.

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2012's top Friends of NRA volunteers recognized for outstanding service

Friends of NRA Volunteers of the Year at the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

Fairfax, Virginia - The success of the Friends of NRA grassroots fundraising program rests entirely on its volunteers. Each year thousands of dedicated individuals across the country volunteer their time - for free - to help raise money for the future of the shooting sports at Friends of NRA banquets and auctions.

The National Rifle Association is proud of every single one of these individuals, but it also recognizes those that go above and beyond their duties to preserve our shooting heritage.

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Looking for more ways to support the NRA? Volunteer to help at competitive shooting championships

A team of volunteers on the range during the 2011 National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry

Fairfax, Virginia - The NRA hosts a bunch of competitive shooting championships across the nation each year. There's collegiate, action pistol, black powder, high power rifle, pistol, smallbore. You name it and we have a championship for it.

But there are only so many NRA employees, which is why we need your help to get the job done. Volunteers are the heart of every NRA championship and it's because of the generous donation of their time that we can have so many. Every crucial detail that makes a match not only possible, but run smoothly, is handled by volunteers. From running the range to keeping statistical records, they do it all.

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Fairfax, Virginia - Volunteers are the backbone of Friends of NRA. Every year thousands of men and women donate their time and effort to help Friends of NRA raise money for our shooting sports.

With the 2012 Friends of NRA banquet season almost behind us and 2013 right around the corner, we're looking for people who are all about fun, food, firearms, fundraising to help out. And because you can sign up to volunteer on the Friends of NRA website, it's easier than ever to contribute to our vital mission.

If you've ever been to a Friends of NRA event, you know our volunteers are some of the most dedicated, hard-working, and enthusiastic people in America. From selling banquet tickets to hanging flyers, working games or seeking sponsorships and donations, volunteers tackle every task with the knowledge that they are helping secure our Second Amendment freedoms for generations to come.

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Matt and Jessie set the pace for Friends of NRA's second season with a trip to Vegas. You didn't miss it, did you?

Fairfax, Virginia - Friends of NRA's second season started in fifth gear as we found hosts Matt and Jessie in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Beginning away from Las Vegas's famous strip, Matt and Jessie were curious to learn about Friends of NRA's presence in Sin City. Their first stop was at CCS Gunsmithing whose husband and wife owners are active Friends of NRA volunteers that actually host the annual banquet in Las Vegas.

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Bringing the NRA family back together in the "heart of Texas"

This spring Friends of NRA received a warm welcome back in a small Texas town, returning for the first time in over a decade to help raise money for the shooting sports. This touching story was published in the most recent issue of Traditions, a quarterly magazine by the NRA Foundation.

Friends of NRA

Marble Falls, Texas, a rural town with a population just over 6,000, hosted its first Friends of NRA banquet in over a decade. In an area full of supporters, this small town couldn’t miss out any longer on the fun, fellowship and fundraising experience the Friends of NRA events bring.

Located near Austin and San Antonio in the “heart of Texas,” Burnet County attracted an astounding crowd of over 200 attendees to its May 2012 event held at Lakeside Pavilion.

Among the attendees at the event were first-time volunteers Jimmy and Debbie Balsam. The couple who had never attended a Friends of NRA event before, could think of no better way to get involved in their community. Debbie, an area native, and her husband Jimmy greeted their community at the front entrance and took tickets. “It is such a good feeling to see people we know come together as a whole in support of NRA and our right to bear arms,” Jimmy Balsam shared.

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Motorcycle enthusiasts take to the road for Friends of NRA

Last summer, Friends of NRA volunteers in Arkansas combined their love for the NRA with riding to come up with a unique way to raise funds for the shooting sports. The result was the Friends of NRA Freedom Ride, which involved local motorcycle groups and was a big success. Read about it below in an article featured in the latest issue of Traditions Magazine.

Friends of NRA Freedom Ride in Arkansas

Freedom can have various meanings around the world and when groups of people disagree on an important issue, the evitable struggle will ensue. In America, the battle for freedom has spanned throughout our history, from the patriots at Concord and Lexington to Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders.

Little Rock, Ark., the largest city in the state, is home to the Capital City Friends of NRA committee. For over a decade, the committee has hosted events and is always striving to reach new people in the community.

In search of a new and exciting way to raise funds for shooting sports, a group of like-minded and enthusiastic motorcyclists came together during their time volun- teering with the Capital City Friends of NRA. Sharing their love of the open road and their motorcycle riding pasttime, the group presented its idea of a “Freedom Ride” to NRA Field Representative of Arkansas, Greg Stephens.

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