Redesign of the NRA Store website improves customer experience

The NRA Store has a new look

For those of you who haven't noticed, there's something new at the NRAstore. A new look, new feel, and new functionality to make your Second Amendment shopping experience all the more easier. Here's NRAstore™ Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans with the details ...

Set your sights on the new!

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Pistol with cannon style barrel that unscrews to reload

Queen Anne Flintlock pistol at the NRA Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - When NRA Museums Senior Curator Philip Schreier steps to the table, you know you're in store for an impressive display. Something functional, something timeless, and with a little luck ... something timely.

Such is the case for this week's episode of Curator's Corner as Schreier breaks out an 18th Century muzzleloader.

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ICC combines two great conceal carry product for optimum functionality

Insert the NRA Instant Concealment Converter Holster Kit
NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter unearthed a heck of an option for those in need of a quick, convertible conceal carry kit ...

There’s no telling when danger will strike. Whether you’re at the office, shopping for groceries or taking an evening stroll, preparedness is paramount. Here at the NRAstore, it’s our quest to keep you as safe as possible. That why we’re thrilled to offer the all new NRA Instant Concealment Converter Holster Kit (I.C.C.).

A combination of our popular NRA Holster Kit and NRA Instant Concealment Converter, the I.C.C. transforms any briefcase, backpack, satchel, purse or small duffel into a mobile security hub… find out more about the NRA Instant Concealment Converter Holster Kit ...

Pistol favored by those who fired the first shot at Lexington

Black Watch Scottish Metal Frame Flintlock Pistol

Fairfax, Virginia - Antique pistols were made for more than operational purposes. The special ones, those that found their way to the higher echelons in society, had a unique look as well. Such is the case for this week's subject of Curator's Corner - a Black Watch Scottish Metal Frame Flintlock Pistol.

"This is a gun that was very popular during the 18th century," explained NRA Museums Senior Curator Philip Schreier. "It's a British, all metal black watch Scottish Pistol.

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Get a jump on your spring gun cleaning with 42 piece kit

NRA Essentials Cleaning Kit
NRAstore™ Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans dug up a cleaning kit ready to tackle an gun cleaning challenge ...

Fairfax, Virginia - Every shooter knows a clean firearm is essential to maximizing performance, accuracy and dependability. But piecing together a quality cleaning kit can be a tedious and expensive process.

Don’t worry, at the NRAstore, we did the work for you! Our Essentials+ Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need to clean handguns, rifles, shotguns and even modern sporting rifles.

More on NRA Store's Essentials + Cleaning Kit ...

From the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

- Deer, Bear, Turkey Harvest Data Announced

White-tail deer image from the Virginia.Gov website Richmond, Virginia — While Virginia deer and turkey harvests reflected a decline from last year, the black bear harvest reached record numbers. Wildlife biologists with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) have compiled the preliminary figures for the 2014-15 fall/winter hunting season. A bumper crop of acorns across the state coupled with management actions to meet population objectives and some higher than normal disease mortality all factored into fluctuations in populations and harvest trends.

White-tailed Deer

During the past deer season 190,745 deer were reported killed by deer hunters in Virginia… find out more about Virginia's deer, turkey & black bear harvest ...

NRA branded collar and lead makes bold statement

The NRA Defender Dog Collar
NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter has a firm grip on an ideal something special you can grab for your favorite purebred pooch, mangy mutt or hunting companion ...

Fairfax, Virginia - A dog’s loyalty to his owner is unrivaled.

He aids you during your hunt, and – along with your firearm – he’s your first line of home defense. Come to think of it, it’s a lot like the loyalty NRA members have toward the Second Amendment. Wouldn’t it be great if you could treat your best friend, and support the NRA all at once?

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Mark IV .38 caliber Webley & Scott sings across the NRA News screen

War finish stamp on a Webley & Scott Mark IV .38 Revolver

Fairfax, Virginia - The last few weeks have been a little crazy around NRA Headquarters. After a week in Vegas for the 2015 SHOT Show and we headed up to Pennsylvania for the Great American Outdoor Show. Hence the delay in our Curator’s Corner updates … but that’s about to change.

First item on the agenda is to catch up with a real looker - last week’s episode on the Webley & Scott Mark IV .38 Revolver.

More on the Webley & Scott Mark IV on NRANews ...

A Watershed Development in Garment Technology

Conceal your firearm in the Highland Waxed Canvas and Leather Vest
The big man himself, NRAstore Sales Manager Dirk Grove, steps to the forefront with a stylish conceal carry option for sportsmen (and women) everywhere ...

21st century technology is amazing. But a few centuries-old methods can still compete in the modern world – and waxed canvas is one of them!

Developed in the British Isles during the mid-19th century, waxed canvas was widely used in the sailing industry, for sails and harsh weather garments. Its breathable, waterproof qualities were soon noticed and adopted by hunters and sportsmen who needed reliable protection from the elements.

More on the Highland Canvas and Leather CCW Vest ...

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