Crosman’s Benjamin Rogue .357 Air Rifle

Wild, Wooly and Ready for Hogs, Deer and More!

Benjamin Rogue by Crosman

Kevin Reese, outdoor writer extraordinaire and a man who appreciates a good high powered air gun, sent us the following look at Crosman's Benjamin Rogue .357

Is an air rifle enough to stop that next bruiser boar or buck of a lifetime? A quick trip back to the Lewis and Clark expedition would answer that question through proven results; in fact, their single Giradoni air rifle is considered by many to be the REAL gun that won the west. The .46-caliber Girandoni fired up to 40 shots on a single charge and the tube magazine held up to 22 rounds that could be emptied in less than 30 seconds.

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Find out why Texas' variety of wildlife is a dream for young hunters

August 2013 NRA InSights

Fairfax, Virginia - This month's issue of NRA InSights, the free, online magazine for kids, goes deep into the heart of Texas to discover the variety of animals that junior hunters can find.

Whether you're in pursuit of whitetail deer, mule deer, javelina, wild hogs or pronghorn antelope, Texas has it all -- plus some exotics that make the Lone Star State one of hunting's best mixed bags.

Destination: Texas
By Guy J. Sagi

In early May, 18-year old high school senior Braxton Bielski took an 800-pound, 14-foot, 3-inch alligator while hunting in Texas. Biologists estimated it was between 30 and 50 years old and it's the largest ever certified in the state.

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From Aimpoint - America’s First Indoor Hunting Shooting Center Coming to Grapevine, Texas!

Chantilly, Virginia - American Sportsman Shooting Center Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aimpoint Holding, has announced the launch of America’s first indoor hunting shooting center – the Sportsman Shooting Center located in Grapevine, TX. Sportsman Shooting Center is a fully enclosed, indoor training center that provides the opportunity for shooters to practice on dynamic hunting scenarios inside an air conditioned, live-fire cinema range using their own rifle and ammunition. Blaser® R8 rifles will be available for rental, and Norma® ammunition available for purchase in all major hunting calibers. Aimpoint® sights will be offered as well.

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NRA Annual Meeting's exhibit hall was so big we're not done sharing it

ATI's NASCAR Nationwide car at NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

Houston, Texas - Here's the last batch of photos from this year's exhibit hall at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston. But if you think we even came close to covering everything the massive floor had to offer, think again.

This year's exhibits were the biggest in Annual Meeting history, with more than 440,000 square feet of space and over 550 exhibitors. (Insert Texas-sized joke here.) Of the 86,228 NRA Members who came out over the May 3-5 weekend, it's safe to assume that practically everyone spent the majority of their time walking up and down the aisles to see what new wares the shooting industry had to offer.

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NRA Publications calls Springfield's XD S "nearly in a class by itself"

Springfield Armory presents XD S pistols to NRA's Keefe, Keene and Graham at hte Annual Meeting in Houston

Houston, Texas - Every year at the NRA Annual Meeting, American Rifleman takes the opportunity to take care of a little business. Specifically, hand out a few of the year's Golden Bullseye Awards. On Saturday, May 4th, they bestowed such an honor upon Springfield Armory's XD S-9.

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The Blaze creator, Glenn Beck, speaks to NRA membership at Houston Annual Meeting

Glenn Beck at the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Houston

The main event of this year's Stand and Fight Rally at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston was none other than Glenn Beck.

After enjoying wild success as a television and radio host, political commentator, author and entrepreneur, Beck's newest venture is the creation of his very own meia network, The Blaze.

Those familiar with Beck's speeches will not be surprised to learn he stepped on stage with a few props; however his nearly-iconic green chalkboard was not among them. Instead, Beck had brought a presentation of firearms including the rifle Charlton Heston famously raised above his head when he declared:

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Ambassadors capture moments from Sunday's Youth Day at the NRA Convention

Houston, Texas - Recreational Shooting Specialists Samantha Olsen and Andy Lander were charged with a special task during the NRA's 142nd Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston — create and run an NRA Youth Day. Something cool. Something fun for parents and kids alike. Something they will always remember.

What they came up with was spectacular.

A Laser Shot booth, bags of popcorn, an Annual Meeting scavenger hunt, an Air Soft 3-Gun course and more. As the events and activities started piling up, they kept adding more. What they needed now as a finishing touch. That would come by way of another NRA Youth Program.

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Tom Marx shares decades of experience at NRA Convention in Houston

Law Enforcement firearm and training consultant Tom Marx Houston, Texas - He started in Chicago. He left the Chicago PD in the late 80s to become one of three special chosen instructors for the Smith & Wesson Academy. From there he's been lecturing and consulting on all matters of firearms for everyone from BLACKHAWK, ILEETA and the National Rifle Association.

The man is Tom Marx. If you've attended an NRA Annual Meeting lately, then you should know the name. After all, his Methods of Conceal Carry seminars have been packing them in for the better part of a decade.

"He packs them in," NRA Law Enforcement Director Glen Hoyer told us. "People are lined up against the wall."

Pretty impressive when you consider the challenge of keeping an audience's attention for up to six hours. That's right, Marx's seminar has been known to go on for six hours.

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New images from the massive exhibit hall at this year's NRA convention

Derringers on display at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

Houston, Texas - We've already shown you plenty from the exhibit hall at this year's NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston, but there's so much more.

This year's exhibits were the biggest yet, with more than 440,000 square feet of space and over 550 exhibitors. This was very fitting considering the location, Texas, and that a new attendance record was set. The 86,228 NRA Members who came out over the May 3-5 weekend beat last year's then-record setting attendance in St. Louis by more than 13,000.

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