NRA's Tactical Police Competition keeps competitors on their toes

Fairfax, Virginia - It's hard to describe the action on display at NRA's Tactical Police Competition. To appreciate the skills of these law enforcement officers as they blaze through one real-life scenario after another. Each time called on to quickly identify their targets and the deploy their duty sidearm, rifle or shotgun (or a combination of the three).

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NRA Law Enforcement Division's Tactical Competition simulates injury during a gun fight

Fairfax, Virginia - You've all heard the phrase; traffic stop gone bad. A simple speeding or failure to signal stop can turn a law enforcement officer's good instincts into a potentially tragic event. What happens next can mean the difference between life and death.

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Final results for NRA Law Enforcement Competition in Virginia

Tactical Division Shotgun Shooter in the NRA's Virginia Tactical Police Competition

Fairfax, Virginia - Almost 130 competitors filed through the doors of NRA's Virginia Tactical Police Competition this weekend. Split evenly into Tactical and Patrol Divisions (Tactical allows for semi-auto shotguns and/or rifles with an optical sight), competitors engaged threats on six separate real-life stages created by NRA staff.

"Three days of well-spirited competition," said National Police Pistol Combat Competitions Manager Marc Lipp. "We had police officers here from as far as Texas, South Carolina and Connecticut."

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Officers display skills with rifle, pistols and shotguns used on the job

Shotgun course at NRA's Fairfax Tactical Police Competition, 2013

Fairfax, Virginia - Round three of NRA's Virginia Tactical Police Competition (TPC) started early this morning in Fairfax. A test of an officer's ability to run through real-life scenarios and engage targets with rifles, shotguns and pistols, NRA's TPCs are a favorite training tool for the competitors.

"The courses help develop your problem solving skills," said Mark, a police officer from Maryland. "You have to figure out how to get through the course, engage all the proper targets, and do so as quickly as possible. It's challenging."

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Opening day gitters come out in NRA's Virginia Tactical Police Competition

Russ Pearce of the Richmond Police Department on the Blind Stage of NRA's Virginia Tactical Police Competition

Fairfax, Virginia - It started early in Fairfax.

Tucked away in the outer regions of the Northern Virginia county, members of NRA's Law Enforcement Division assembled volunteers and Range Safety Officers for a first run at this year's Fairfax Tactical Police Competition (TPC). Right down the road from Headquarters, this event holds special meaning for NRA staff.

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Two Days of Tactical Police Competitions in Southern Oregon

Shooting Bays for NRA Tactical Police Competition at the Jackson County Sports Park in Medford, Oregon

Medford, Oregon - The offices of NRA's Tactical Police Competition Division were empty today. Abandoned desks and cubicles decorated with phone directories, old programs, unclaimed trophies and souvenirs of cities that once welcomed them with open arms. The only clues as to where everyone went are taped to the hallway's whiteboard. Oregon. They've gone to Oregon.

A few phone calls revealed that most have been there for a few days now. Some as long as two weeks. Sounds reasonable. After all, it takes a while to put together a proper Tactical Police Competition.

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Tactical Police Competition provides training for Law Enforcement

Melisse Turner of the San Antonio Marksmanship Unit at an NRA Tactical Police Competition

When you're out on a Tactical Police Competition course, the only thing you're thinking about is time. Time to identify your target, time to fire on target and time to move onto the next one. Any mistakes are penalized with time and ultimately ... you're ranked by time.

Whenever I'm out on a Tactical Police Competition course, the only thing I'm thinking about is staying out of the way. That's because I'm just there to capture the moment. The only think I'm shooting are pictures and videos. To share the moment with those who read NRAblog.

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Texas Police Officers round out top three at San Antonio Tactial

Office Quick of the Round Rock Police Department in Texas

San Antonio, Texas - Why wait a little more then a month to offer a nod to those who finished third at NRA's San Antonio Tactical Police Competition? Things do have a way of piling up around here. There's so much to write (and so much to do) that we're often forced to leave a few bites on the table while moving on to the next course. So now we go back to the Law Enforcement piece of the pie.

The San Antonio Tactical Police Competition, held early this November at the Blackhawk Shooting Range, saw almost a hundred competitors head out into the sun. Coming from all corners of law enforcement, the shooters were divided into two specific groups — Tactical and Patrol. The courses are all the same, it's only the equipment that changes.

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Training & practice produce luck & wins for San Antonio Policeman

Greg Foster from SIG SAUER and San Antonio Police officer Lee Biegert after Lee won a Sig P250 Compact 9mm at NRA's TPC in Albuquerque, New Mexico
San Antonio Police Department's Lee Biegert stands with Greg Foster from SIG SAUER after winning a P250

San Antonio, Texas - "I've never won anything in my life."

Those were the words of San Antonio Police Officer Lee Biegert after breaking the drought. And this win was just the beginning.

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