Follow the evolution of hunting and sporting guns at Bass Pro in Springfield

The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum opens Friday, August 2, in Springfield, Missouri
The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum opens Friday, August 2, in Springfield, Missouri.

Springfield, Missouri - It's been ten years in the making. Ten years since Bass Pro Shops Founder Johnny Morris set foot in National Firearms Museum at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. Ten years since he decided to open a similar showcase at the "granddaddy of all outdoor stores" in Springfield.

"The collection here at Bass Pro Shops is one of the finest ever assembled," said Director of NRA Museum Jim Supica. "What we've put together here is a sporting arms collection that the world has never seen.”

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Almost 1,000 guns celebrates America's love of hunting, conservation and freedom at NRA Museum

Stairs leading to the entrance of the National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO

Springfield, Missouri - Final touches are being applied to the guns and displays of the NRA's new National Sporting Arms Museum in Springfield. The results of ten years worth of work with Bass Pro Shops, the museum and it's nearly 1,000 guns will soon call the "granddaddy of all outdoor stores" home.

"The men and women of Bass Pro have been tremendous throughout this entire process," said NRA National Firearms Museum Director Jim Supica. "It's been a pleasure working with them as bring a wonderful example of America's love of the hunting, conservation and the sporting arms to the Missouri."

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Learn the history of America's heritage this holiday weekend at the NRA National Firearms Museum

NRA National Firearms Museum open Independence Day

Fairfax, Virginia - Two hundred thirty seven years ago this Thursday, Great Britain's thirteen American colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence. No longer regarding themselves a part of the British Empire, the newly independent states formed a new nation — the United States of America. From that moment forward, Americans have observed July 4 as Independence Day.

Independence did not come easy to the United States, who won its sovereignty after eight years of war with the Kingdom of Great Britain. Firearms played an integral role in winning the United States' freedom and their use would go on to help weave the story of our great country as it expanded and became a world superpower.

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M1877 Colt revolver, first attempt at the double-action design for Hartford based company

John Wesley Hardin's 1877 Colt Lightning .38 Long Revolver at NRA Museum Fairfax, Virginia - The subject of tonight's episode of Curator's Corner on NRAnews comes with more than just a gun. There are two historically significant events tied into this Colt revolver. First is the double-action design and second is the man who owned — the notorious John Wesley Hardin.

The difference between double and single action is a simple one. When pulling the trigger of a double action revolver, the hammer goes back, the cylinder rotates and the hammer falls to fire the gun. With the single action, one has cock the trigger before firing the gun. The Lightning, a .38 caliber Long Colt, wasn't all that successful.

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National Firearms Museum Curators share stories and firearms for Memorial Day Marathon

Civil War era firearms for Sportsman Channel's Memorial Marathon of NRA's Guns & Gold

Fairfax, Virginia - In preparation for their nine-hour Memorial Day Marathon, Sportsman Channel packed up crew and gear for a special trip to the National Firearms Museum. As the marathon centers around NRA's Guns & Gold, who better to tap for the intros and outros than host Jim Supica and Philip Schreier?

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The American flag waving over NRA headquarters for Memorial Day on NRAblog

Fairfax, Virginia - This weekend is more than just a three-day excuse for shopping, over indulgence and carousing with friends. It's about Memorial Day. The day we remember those men and women who fell in the service of our country. While we don't begrudge those who choose to include the shopping and carousing with friends, we do suggest that you spend the day remembering. Visit a Civil War battlefield, stop by memorial, or tour the National Firearms Museum.

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Pirate Pistols, Revolutionary Shotguns and Buffalo Rifles at NRA Convention

A Peugeot Shotgun at the NRA Antique Guns and Gold Showcase opens in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas - With great old guns comes great responsibilities. Okay, so that's a touch to close to Spiderman, but the principal is pretty much the same. But let's go a step further. That's accept the face that with great old guns come great old stories. And there there plenty of great stories to be had yesterday at the NRA Antique Guns and Gold Showcase.

Manned by experts throughout the firearm industry, including Guns & Ammo writers and Blue Book of Gun Values publishers (along with a few cats from the National Firearms Museum), the Antique Guns and Gold Showcase was an opportunity for people to bring in that rifle, pistol or shotgun that's be sitting in the closet for ages and find out what it's worth. Better yet, some even had a story to go along with the guns.

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Five guns from the NRA Museum tell the history of America

NRA Museum Director Jim Supica with the Mayflower Gun - an Italian wheel lock
NRA Museum Director Jim Supica holds the Mayflower Gun.
Fairfax, Virginia - Remember when we told you how The Blaze TV came down to Fairfax for a look at a few of our treasured guns here at the National Firearms Museum?

Remember how everyone kept asking when that footage was going to hit the air?

Well we finally have you're answer ... today at 5.

Closer to 5:40pm according to producers of the show. And we'd like to think they have a little insight when it comes to the schedule.

Launched by political commentator Glenn Beck (the keynote speaker for the Annual Meeting's Stand & Fight Rally), The Blaze is a news website/television network. An internet bound entity at first, The Blaze is airing on the Dish Network.

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NRA Curators put rifles, pistols and shotguns in front of the cameras for Sportsman Channel

NRA Guns & Gold talks rifles in Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Twice a year, curators from the NRA National Firearms Museum trek out to the Tulsa Fairgrounds' Expo Center for Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show. One of the largest (if not the largest) gun shows the country has ever seen, Wanenmacher's is the perfect place to find the final piece of your prized gun collection. For the NRA curators, it's also the perfect place to shoot upcoming episodes of NRA's Guns and Gold.

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