With multiple National Championships, national records and Grand Slams, this 14 year-old can do it all

Shooting prodigy Mallory Nichols in the December 2012 Shooting Sports USA

Fairfax, Virginia - Mallory Nichols isn't your typical 14 year-old. When the "How I spent my summer" essay comes around at the beginning of the school year, she has a lot to share.

Three years ago Mallory decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother and grandfather by becoming a competitive shooter. The shooting sports didn't transform when she picked up a rifle, but it just might by the time she puts it down.

After only a few years, Mallory has made quite the name for herself and is turning heads. With multiple accolades and a sponsorship by Lapua, it seems like the sky is the limit.

Recently, Barbara Baird of Women's Outdoor News caught up with Mallory to get an exclusive scoop for Shooting Sports USA: What's in her range bag?

More on what's inside Mallory Nichols's range bag...

When the weather turns warm then it's time for the NRA National Hunter's Pistol Silhouette Championships. Usually when writing such an introduction, that means we're about to share championship pictures and scores. Instead, we're just going to look at one shooter ... Dale Snyder.

Dale is a competitive Hunter Pistol shooter from West Chester Pennsylvania. His gun of choice is a blued Colt Python .357 Magnum. What makes Dale different isn't his training regimen, target selection or accomplishments on the Ram line. What makes him different is the intensity of his load.


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Air rifle shooters at the line on NRAblog

The Rifle Department here at NRA is considering big changes for the NRA State Team Postal Matches next year.

It's looking like the matches will switch to include both indoor and outdoor, however the larger change is in team sizes.

Nothing is hammered out yet, but these changes are expected to make the NRA State Team Postal Matches easier and more fun to participate in.


With 2012 underway, why not start the New Year off with a new program at your club or range? The NRA Club Champion Challenge is a fun and exciting way to do just that - and to see who is the best all-around shooter in your club or shooting organization.

Getting started couldn't be more simple - learn more about the NRA Club Champion Challenge and register your event online at www.nraclubchamp.com. NRA provides the courses of fire to choose from and even provides awards including medals and belt buckles for champions. So what are you waiting for? Start 2012 with a "bang" by holding an NRA Club Champion Challenge at your range or club!


NRA Competitive Shooting is releasing a new, more accessible version of its wildly popular conventional tournaments with the NRA Club Champion Challenge.

Today, NRA Competitive Shooting unveiled the “NRA Club Champion Challenge”, a new recreational shooting event for hometown shooting clubs, businesses and civic organizations. These events will be fun, relaxing, and will encourage your members to try a variety of disciplines and courses of fire.

What it is not is a high level competition using state of the art competitive equipment and the use of this equipment should be discouraged. Any club or organization can participate and any range can configure a challenge. NRA membership is not a prerequisite.


Tournament Operations Guide John Parker with our Competitive Shooting Division just shared with us that the new version of the NRA Tournament Operations Guide is now available online. While there are still copies of the previous version available for purchase through the NRA Program Materials Center while supplies last, this newer version will replace it, and is available online for free.

The NRA Tournament Operations Guide includes helpful information regarding tournament planning, range operations, statistics, awards, and much more to help you run an efficient competitive shooting event. The guide covers eight different shooting disciplines and is a wonderful resource for new and seasoned tournament directors.

The NRA Collegiate Shooting Program brochure and the 2011 Bianchi Cup brochure are also available online. More literature from the Competitive Shooting Division will be online soon, so keep checking back with NRAblog for updates. Questions? Send an email to compadmin@nrahq.org.

Carol RosenqvistThe Southern National Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Championship was in the news last week -- and for good reason. The Championship, held June 3 - 6, 2010 in Winnsboro, Louisiana, just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Tune in here to listen to both David McLemore, President of the Winnsboro Gun Club, and competitor Carol Rosenqvist, pictured at left, who is also a Women On Target® clinic director.

“I can’t stop doing it,” Rosenqvist said of silhouette competition. “I encourage everyone, even women – especially women – to come out and try it. It’s a load of fun.”

"[The other participants] aren't competitors, they’re my family," Rosenqvist said. "I travel all over the country competing, and it’s just a very friendly, safe atmosphere."

"It’s a family-oriented sport."

Watch the entire myarklamiss.com video interview! 

The following is excerpted from the Competitive Shooting Division's E-Newsletter:

Notes from Competitive Shooting Division Director Mike Krei 

Added Awards for the NRA Silhouette Championships We are spending a great deal of time looking at our National Championships awards schedules and making changes where we think changes are needed. NRA Competitive Shooting Staff members have recommended that our National Silhouette Championships need to be provided more in the way of awards.

We will initiate a new Visa Gift Card program for our 2010 National Silhouette Championships. Starting this year we will provide a $400.00 Visa Gift Card to the Champion of each Silhouette Championship, $200.00 Visa Gift Card for 2nd place and a $100.00 Visa Gift Card for our 3rd place winners. This will mean a $10,000.00 increase in the National Silhouette Championship award schedule. NRA Visa Gift Cards will be added to the current award schedules.

Two New Trophies to be Awarded at Camp Perry Two new trophies have been presented to the NRA as awards for the National High Power Long Range Championships. 2010 will be the inaugural year for the new Bert Rollins Trophy and the "Band of Brothers" Trophy.

Remington Arms Company donated the new "Band of Brothers" Trophy to be awarded to the winner of the shoot-off in Match 532, the 1000 yard Any Sight match held the first day of the Long Range Championships. This trophy is a beautiful bronze statue of four servicemen in a Jeep traveling across the battlefield. This is a limited edition bronze by sculptor James Muir. Only 50 of these beautiful bronzes have bee produced. The NRA would like to thank Remington Arms Company and Ken Roxburgh for donating this masterpiece.

Team members and Friends of Bert Rollins donated the resources to provide the new Bert Rollins Memorial Trophy to the NRA for the winner of the National Long Range Championship using a Palma Rifle. The new Match 502 will consist of the aggregate of matches 531, 532, 536 and 540. This trophy is supported by the Bert Rollins Memorial Trophy Fund and donations can be made through Palma Promotions, Inc in Mineral, Virginia.

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