Schreier and Popp with Roosevelt's The Creek Indian 1903 by Frederic RemingtonSchreier and Popp with Roosevelt's The Creek Indian 1903 by Frederic Remington

Fairfax, Virginia - When the National Park Service asked the folks here at the National Firearms Museum if they'd like to hold on to part of President Theodore Roosevelt's personal belongings during the Sagamore Hill renovation, they weren't just asking about the guns. For Roosevelt was known for more then just his hunting ... there was also the intellectual side of the man. One who appreciated the contemporary artist of the day.

"Frederick Remington is easily the most well known artist in Theodore's collection," said Senior Curator Phil Schreier. "But there was more. So much more."


President Theodore Roosevelt's lion skin rug

Fairfax, Virginia - In July of 1908, Theodore Roosevelt's personal secretary, William Loeb, sent a letter to The Winchester Repeating Arms Company stating the following:

The president is going to Africa ... He probably has all the rifles he needs but his son has not. Before deciding what he will buy, the president would like to see your catalog ... Will you send your catalog to the President at Oyster Bay ...?

Winchester complied with the request and it was off to Africa they went. What the President and his party accomplished is the subject of tonight's Curator's Corner on NRANews.


President Theodore Roosevelt's Summer White House collection at the NRA Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - There was more to Theodore Roosevelt than firearms. Sure, it's one of the things we really like about Teddy. Heck, it's one of the things we love about him ... but nonetheless there's more. And tonight on Curator's Corner, we're going with the contents from his Summer White House in New York.


Trigger action on Theodore Roosevelt's 1894 Winchester lever action rifle

Fairfax, Virginia - The fourth installment of Curator's Corner look into the National Firearms Museum's new Theodore Roosevelt collection (set to debut in June) stays within the realm of firearms. To be more specific, his 1894 Winchester lever-action rifle.

The President's rifle comes with the usual Roosevelt bells and whistles — the crescent buttplate, no raised check piece, as well as a little something extra; a threaded barrel. Yes, you guessed it, Roosevelt's '94 Winchester comes with it's very own suppressor.


Right side of Theodore Roosevelt's 1886 Winchester Rifle

Fairfax, Virginia - NRANews continues their look at the NRA National Firearms Museum's soon to be displayed Theodore Roosevelt collection this week with a Winchester. An 1886 Winchester rifle to be exact. One owned, and used, by Roosevelt before, during and after his presidency. And this was a man who liked his Winchesters

"The Winchester stocked and sighted to suit myself is by all odds the best weapon I ever had, and I now use it almost exclusively ... .” — Theodore Roosevelt, Hunting Trips of a Ranchman


Then Colonel Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Rider Tunic and button
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Rider Tunic and button

Curator's Corner shares a number gems here at the National Firearms Museum. Hollywood guns, the Petersen Collection and hundreds of famed firearms filled with tall tales and legendary stories. The latest treasures, to be put on display in the next few weeks, comes courtesy of the U.S. National Park Service — the Theodore Roosevelt Collection.

Today's segment on the Roosevelt Collection focuses on the Rough Riders. The rough and tumble collection of cowboys, prospectors, hunters, Native Americans and others. There's a hat, a sword, a tunic and the regimental colors.


President Roosevelt's Rhino horn from Kenya
Plaque on President Theodore Roosevelt's African Rhino Horn mount, circa 1909.

As we told you earlier this week, the personal collection of President Theodore Roosevelt will soon go on display here at NRA Headquarters. Scheduled to open in late May or early June, the compilation contains countless treasures that once called Sagamore Hill home.


Teddy Roosevelt's 1886 Winchester at the NRA National Firearms Museum
NRA's Phil Schreier holding President Theodore Roosevelt's 1886 Winchester Rifle.

Fairfax, Virginia - That man is Phil Schreier, Senior Curator for the National Firearms Museum. He's smiling like the cat who swallowed the canary because he's holding a piece of history there — an 1886 Winchester rifle once owned by Teddy Roosevelt. Just a small taste of what you're going to see over the next few weeks on Curator's Corner.


Roosevelt's 1902 Colt Military Model semi-automatic

The second to last episode of Curator's Corner comes to us from the Colt Manufacturing Company by way of Rock Island Auctions. What we're talking about here is a 1902 Colt Military Model semi-automatic pistol. And why would Rock Island be interesting in such a piece? We are talking about a firearm that's over a hundred years old ... but there's more. The Colt 1902 on tonight's episode (pictured above) was owned by President Theodore Roosevelt.


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