Learning Eddie Eagle's safety message in Western Pennsylvania

Eddie Eagle with Sheriff William Mullen, left, and Deputy Sheriff Jason Tarap

There are so many great stories about Eddie Eagle's safety message reaching children all over the United States. In the most recent Eagle Eye newsletter, we learned about Eddie is doing great work with the Allegheny County Sheriff's Department in the Pittsburgh area:

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program is very proud to have the opportunity to work with hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the country. Every year the program hears great stories of Eddie’s success and the tremendous impact that Eddie Eagle has on local communities.

Lately, the program heard how the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Department has implemented the Eddie Eagle Program into its annual operations, resulting in great benefit to the Allegheny County community.

Read on about Eddie Eagle's activities in Pittsburgh ...

The History Channel's Top Shot contestants George Reinas, Caleb Giddings and Ash at the Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh on NRAblog Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - The History Channel’s Top Shot burned up the cable channels during season number 2 … Top Shot Reloaded. Much of that excitement was due to the actions of George Reinas and Ash. While neither walked away with the title, these two shooters captured viewer attention with their sharpshooting skills and electrifying personalities. We experienced a touch of that electricity during the NRA’s Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh.

First to extend his hand in welcome was Air Force sniper George Reinas. The New Jersey native flashed a smile and threw out a, “NRAblog, alright, that’s pretty cool.”

Next in line was Ash. Even taller then the 6’ 2” Reinas, he removed his cap, shook our hands and jumped into a conversation with season 1 Top Shot contestant Caleb Giddings. But something seemed off. A few seconds later it came to me … he ditched the beard.

“You should have seen me a few weeks ago when I got back from the Middle East,” said Ash. “It made the beard I had on Top Shot look pitiful.”

Conversation soon turned to the show.

“We couldn’t have picked a better team,” he explained. “Chris (Reed) went for guys with military experience and Jay (Lim) went for competition shooters. It made all the difference in our approach and performance.”

The question now is what are they to follow up the show’s huge success.

“I’ve taught at a few sniper schools and entered some competitions,” said Reinas. “I’m thinking of entering the Pistol Championships at Camp Perry in July. Just as long as I can give Gunny Zins a hard time.”


Special thanks to Caleb Giddings from Gun Nuts Media for making the introductions.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Norma Ammunition, named by the Enger brothers more than 100 years ago after a Bellini opera, has long been a supporter of the National Rifle Association. So when NRA General Operations Executive Director Kayne Robinson ran into Norma CEO Torbjörn Lindskog at the Annual Meeting earlier this month in Pittsburgh, we asked Kayne to perform an impromptu interview with the international ammo maker ... take a look:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Start Tuesday off with more pictures of the exhibitors who made the trip to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh for the 2011 NRA Convention. NRABlog wandered through both exhibit halls during the Annual Meeting weekend and snapped shots of all the cool gear and interesting booths on display.

Next year's Annual Meeting is in St. Louis, Missouri. It may be a year away, but it isn't too early to start making your plans. Check the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits webpage as they begin rolling out new information over the next year.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - The NRA Annual Meeting of Members was a great opportunity for anyone belonging to the National Rifle Association to hear from the Officers. Everyone from Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre to 1st Vice President (now President) David Keene to General Operations Executive Director Kayne Robinson.

In addition to messages from the Officers, members also met the youngest life members, the oldest life member, and learned the results of the Directors' election.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Saturday night at this year's NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Pittsburgh was capped off with the Celebration of American Values Freedom Experience. Those in attendance were treated to speeches and entertainment by notables such as Jeff Foxworthy, Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, Michael Reagan, Joe Gregory and Mike Huckabee.

Thousands of people filled the Consol Energy Center (home of the National Hockey League's Pittsburgh Penguins) for a great event celebrating our continued right to keep bear arms.

Buck Knives CEO CJ Buck signs a 'Hoodlum' for 13 year old NRA patron member Brendan from Goldsboro, North Carolina on NRAblog. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - There were more than a thousand exhibit and vendor booths lining the floor of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center during the NRA's Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. A popular stop upon the first floor was renowned pocket, folding & fixed blade manufacturer Buck Knives.

"NRA is giving away our Model 113 Ranger Skinner to those who join the NRA (at the Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh)," said CEO & President C.J. Buck. "I'm also signing knives for anyone who purchases one here at the Annual Meeting with this nifty engraving drill."

Giving the drill a few whirls, Buck was soon greeted by 13 year-old Brendan from Goldsboro, North Carolina ... an early favorite of his crew.


Chris Reed from the History Channel's Top Shot Reloaded at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh on NRAblog Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Chris Reed of The History Channel’s Top Shot Reloaded has been a busy man as of late. The final episode, which aired just over a week ago, saw Chris get the best of 10-time NRA pistol Champ Brian Zins during the final round to officially claim the title of Top Shot. Two days later, I found him on the floor of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for the NRA’s 140th Convention.

“Oh man it’s been crazy at times,” said Reed. “Every day events like grocery shopping or a thing with the kids can turn into a mad house. But I’m enjoying it all while I can.”

A self-described good ole country boy from Tennessee, Chris Reed’s sudden rise to fame doesn’t mean his role in the household has changed all that much. He still gets the kids ready for school, performs assigned chores around the house, and prepares a mean dinner. Still, they were nice enough to reserve Tuesday nights to see if Dad could survive one more week on the show.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - As we told you earlier, Detroit's own Ted Nugent was a huge draw during the National Rifle Association's Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. But instead of telling you more about what Uncle Ted had to say, here's a look at the man himself in action.

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