2014 National Matches get into groove as Pistol Championships go onward

Competitors prepare for the 2014 NRA National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Hundreds pistol shooters from all over the United States have gathered at Camp Perry, Ohio, this weekend for the 2014 NRA National Pistol Championships, which continue pressing on today with the Center Fire Championship.

The Center Fire Championship is just what it sounds like. Shooters use centerfire ammunition, which is struck by the firing pin at the center of the round's base. This is opposed to rimfire, which is - you guessed it - stuck on the rim of the base. Centerfire options are usually reserved for higher caliber rounds, so the ranges will be a little noisier today. But that's what everyone's there for, right?

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Marine takes first title in NRA National Pistol competition in Ohio

Shooter lines up for NRA's Preliminary Pistol Championship at Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - The first title taken at the NRA National Pistol Championships is not part of the championships at all. Let me say that again ... the first title taken at the RNA National Pistol Championships is not part of the overall championships. That's because it's the prelim.

"They shoot the same guns, the same 900 shots, but it's more about preparing for the championships than winning them," explain Pistol Match Director Tom Hughes. "Almost a warm up."

Warm up or not, the Preliminary Pistol Championships still comes with a title, awards, and the envy of those who weren't prepared for the first bite at the apple. It means you're tested, firing true and ready to take on the aggregate charge.

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Sometimes the road to an NRA Championship is more than a road, Especially Roads In Nature

NRA welcome sign at the gates of Camp Perry during the National Rifle & Pistol Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - Many roads will take you to the NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships at Camp Perry.

Some are paved with natural talent. Others with years of hard work. But a few, a select few are a combination of both. This is more of the literal take on the road to Camp Perry. The actual road. A road of dirt, dust, and asphalt.

My journey down that road began early this morning. Not as early as my usual departure to NRA Headquarters, but there was a reason for that; traffic. The thought of battling Washington’s traffic on the start of a seven hour trip was a little more than intimidating. Add two hours to the seven just to break through the beltway. Using a little history along with the morning’s traffic report, an 8:45am departure was established.

So I climbed into a white Dodge Ram truck, put the A/C for low and cranked up my Sirius/XM Radio. I'm bringing the boys from my favorite New York radio show with me.

Open roads and scattered drivers were all I encountered through the first stage of my trip. Gunston Road, over to Lorton Road before jumping on Interstate 95 headed north. From there it’s 495 at the Springfield Interchange with Maryland in my sights. A breakfast bar to munch on and a Venti Mocha Frap to sip, it wasn’t until I reached Maryland’s 70 West that the problems began.

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2014 National Matches kick off on Ohio's Lake Erie shore

Shooters lined up for the 2013 NRA Long Range High Power Rifle Championships in Port Clinton, Ohio

Fairfax, Virginia – With the first shot ceremony behind us, the 2014 NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships are officially underway. Considered the top shooting sports event in the country, this year’s matches are expected to bring another summer of top level competition all with the help of title sponsor Remington. The matches, held July 7 through August 10 will be split between the legendary Camp Perry, Ohio, and Bristol, Indiana.

“Remington is one of the most trusted names in the shooting industry and has been involved with the National Rifle & Pistol Championships for a very long time. They are an excellent sponsor for our National Matches,” said Director of NRA Competitive Shooting Dennis Willing. “Their title sponsorship, which began last year, shows their commitment to the shooting sports and will allow us to help the matches become more popular than ever before.”

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Sponsor of NRA's National Centerfire Pistol Championships celebrating Bullseye

Top Shot Bethards firing a Cabot gun during the NRA Pistol Championships in Camp Perry

Cabot, Pennsylvania - So what do you know about Bullseye? I'm not talking about darts or archery or pin the tail on the donkey. We're talking about the sport of Bullseye. Bullseye shooting to be exact.

That's pistols boys and girls.

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Pistol with the sleek "space age" lines as Sci-Fi ray guns from yesteryear

OLYMPIC ARMS WHITNEY WOLVERINE .22 LR PISTOL My man B. Gil Horman delves into the past with a 1950s styled Olympic Arms Whitney Wolverine ...

Olympic Arms Whitney Wolverine .22 LR Pistol
This polymer revival of R. Hillberg’s 1950s rimfire “ray gun” is sleek, light and fun to shoot.

In the early 1950s, firearms designer and engineer Robert L. Hillberg decided to build a lightweight .22 Long Rifle semi-auto pistol using aluminum investment casting to form the frame. Although investment casting is often used to produce gun components today, Hillberg's plan represented an uncommon approach at that time. He gave the pistol the same sleek "space age" lines as the ray guns seen in sci-fi movies and TV shows of that era. The pistol was called the Whitney Wolverine and made available in either a blued or nickel finish with a 10-round magazine.

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Register online for the 2014 Remington and NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships in northwest Ohio

NRA High Power Rifle shooter at Camp Perry, Ohio

Fairfax, Virginia - The 2014 Remington and NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships are just a couple weeks away. Join another great summer of shooting sports at Camp Perry, Ohio and register for one or more of the matches online - right here.

The finest civilian and military marksmen in the United States, and the world, will square off for weeks of rifle and handgun competition while vying for the NRA's historic and prestigious trophies. From pistol, to smallbore rifle, high power rifle, and long range high power rifle, the national matches have something for just about everybody.

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From GLOCK - Team GLOCK Captain KC Eusebio Bests Five USPSA Grand Masters to Take the USPSA Area 5 Classic.

Team GLOCK Captain KC Eusebio Bests Five USPSA Grand Masters to Take the USPSA Area 5 Classic Barry, IllinoisTeam GLOCK Captain KC Eusebio took first place at the USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) Area 5 Championship held at the Pasa Park facility located in Barry, IL.  Taking the Open title by more than 37 points, Eusebio bested five other USPSA Grand Masters to take home the honors.

Eusebio stated, "You have to be tough minded for this match because there are many ways of shooting the stages.  You really had to pay attention, as there were so many options.  It was by far the most challenging match I have shot this year."  

In the Limited Division, Team GLOCK's Tori Nonaka claimed the High Lady honors against her fellow female competitors as the VA based shooter kept her USPSA dominance in tact for the 2014 season.

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CW380 one-third the cost of the Kahr P380

Kahr Arms new CW380 American Rifleman takes a look at Kahr Arms new CW380 pistol ...

Kahr Arms CW380 Pistol Review
Kahr Arms continues to grow its CW line of pistols, which includes the latest addition, the CW380, chambered in .380 ACP and based on the P380.

Kahr Arms has been manufacturing single-stack, polymer-frame semi-automatic pistols since the mid-1990s. The company’s P-series of premium, lightweight, concealed carry pistols has garnered a reputation for excellent quality and reliability. Recognizing that not every customer is able to pay top dollar for a defensive firearm, Kahr developed and continues to grow its CW line of pistols. A recent addition to the line is the CW380 pistol, chambered in .380 ACP and based on the P380.

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