Wayne LaPierre, Craig Dutton, Ron Schmeits, and Kayne Robninson

Phoenix, Arizona - Craig Dutton, Director of Law Enforcement and Commercial Sales at Glock, is pictured above with NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, NRA 1st Vice President Ron Schmeits, and NRA Executive Director of General Operations Kayne Robinson.

Dutton made a special presentation at the Glock booth at approximately 2 p.m. MT during the third day of the NRA’s 138th Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

In addition to the $50,000 given to the National Rifle Association, Dutton and his associates at Glock handed a check for $65,000 to Wayne Armacost to be used for the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico.

Crust Phoenix, Arizona - You never know what you're going to get when it comes to food court food, but whoever selected the eateries for the Phoenix Convention Center choose well. My favorite was Crust, an Italian American fusion specialist.

Now, I don’t know what makes it fusion, but I do know that it tastes good. And when it comes to pizza, that’s all I really care about.

The secret, they say, is firing everything in their open-air free-fire oven.

If that’s what makes it taste so good, then I’m having one of those installed in my kitchen the minute I get home.

Bushmaster BA 50 at the NRA Convention in Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona - Now here’s a beautiful piece of hardware.

Brought to us by the fine people at Bushmaster booth, we have the Bushmaster BA 50.

To quote from the catalog:

“The ultimate long-range target rifle, our bolt-action Bushmaster BA50 harnesses the legendary force of a 50-caliber Browning Machine Gun cartridge and delivers it downrange with hair-splitting precision. It's tuned for long-range accuracy with a free-floated barrel. And rearward force is dramatically reduced through our high-efficiency recoil-reducing brake. In fact, it exhibits recoil similar to a 243 Win.”

I don’t know about you, but I need a moment to gather myself before reading any more.

This has got to be one heck of a gun to take fire on the range. But you should probably call ahead and ask if they can handle this ultimate piece of firepower.

Kayne Robinson, Executive Director of NRA General Operations in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona - Executive Director of General Operations Kayne Robinson addressed this morning’s Clubs and Associations workshop.

“We appreciate all you do to have a hands-on relationship with NRA members,” he told the crowd. “You’re there, on the ground, more than any of us, and there’s a lot of potential there.”

Robinson said he just wanted to stop in and say hello, and that the attendees should “listen to the people there like Liz Bush.”

NRA Clubs and Associations

Phoenix, Arizona - It's not too late – hop by the NRA Clubs and Associations workshop on the final day of the NRA’s Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Phoenix.

In one hour, attendees will hear from a wide array of experts in the Downtown Sheraton’s Deer Valley room. Topics will include promotion of your club, election of officers, and more.

UPDATE: Philip Gray reported 25 people signed up on-site for the workshop. NRAblog heard a bunch of good questions asked by the attendees, including how to promote state associations to the media and how to keep ranges up-to-date with lead regulations. If you think this workshop sounds good, plan to attend the 139th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Charlotte. This workshop is a hit with Annual Meeting members every year.

Stay tuned for pictures and more from this year’s event.

Senior Curator Phil Schreier shares Guns West observations at NRA Convention

Visitors view a display from the National Firearms Museum at the NRA Convention in Phoenix, Arizona Below is a special to NRAblog from Philip Schreier, Senior Curator of the National Firearms Museum.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet the man, try to stop by the Museum’s space at the NRA booth to introduce yourself. He knows just about everything there is to know about guns, and he's always happy to share his knowledge.

Tell him you read his article on NRAblog!

Phoenix, Arizona - The NRA’s National Firearms Museum is well-represented in Phoenix by a collection of firearms from the popular exhibit GUNS WEST! currently on exhibit in the William B. Ruger Gallery of the NFM in Fairfax, VA.

The Reel Guns of the Old West exhibit is comprised of six classic firearms from famous movies, including John Wayne's Winchester Model 1892 large lever loop carbine that he used in the 1939 classic Stagecoach as well as Tom Selleck's Sharps rifle from 1990’s Quigley Down Under.

Tens of thousands of NRA members and guests have the chance to see these famous firearms during their visit to the NRA Annual Meetings in Phoenix, while the exhibit hall is open through 5pm on Sunday, May 17th.

Both Jim Supica, the Director of the National Firearms Museum and Senior Curator Philip Schreier are on hand in the exhibit hall to visit with members and answer questions about the museum and its programs.

Thanks, Phil. We look forward to your next special.

Celebration of American Values  Freedom Banquet in PhoenixPhoenix, Arizona - The NRA Celebration of American Values Freedom Experience Banquet kicked off at 8pm Pacific Time here at the downtown Phoenix Convention center.

With more than six thousand in attendance, it was quite an inspirational experience with a diverse crowd and rousing group of speakers.

In addition to hearing from Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Rifle Association of America Wayne LaPierre and NRA President John Sigler, the crowd was treated to presentations from the likes of Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North and ABC News 20/20 anchor John Stossel.

Also in attendance were various members of law enforcement and the military. One in particular caught my attention; his name is Sergeant Sammy Lee Davis; below, you’ll see a sparkling picture of Sgt. Davis and his wife Dixie.

Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Sammy Lee Davis and wife Dixie at NRA ConventionIn case you’re wondering, yes, that is the Congressional Medal of Honor he’s wearing.

A friend of his tells me that Davis was military inspiration for Forest Gump – but just the combat bravery part. In fact, they superimposed Tom Hanks’ face over the actual footage of the President presenting Sgt. Davis with the MOH. That’s Hollywood for you.

It was truly an honor to meet the man and his wife.

But no matter who you are, what you’ve achieved, or where you live, you are always welcome under the NRA tent if supporting the Second Amendment ranks high on your list. Being brave enough to speak your mind and the truth is all we ask.

NRA banners outside the Phoenix Convention Center during the NRA Convention

Phoenix, Arizona - As was expected, attendee numbers climbed to nearly 60,000 for the 138th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits. The Phoenix Convention Center can barely contain the crowd. Temperatures are still high, with tomorrow’s predicted high of 103° capping off a week of 100+ degree weather.

Above, the Convention Center’s marquee features the Annual Meeting’s presence this weekend. The downtown Sheraton is in the background.

NRAblog has more content than it has time; coverage will continue this week through the NRA Bianchi Cup.

Staircase at Geordie's restaurant during NRA Convention in Phoenix Phoenix, Arizona - While most prepare to sit down for the 2nd Annual Celebration of American Values Banquet, thanks to our more than four million members and the folks at MidwayUSA, I thought you might be interested in where some of the headquarters staff dined on Friday night in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was a place called Geordie’s Restaurant & Lounge on the outskirts of town. An elegant eatery that rests on the former western estate of chewing gum magnet William Wrigley, Jr.

Though the cab ride was a touch, ah, eventful, the end result was well worth the effort.

I walked in the front door and took a moment to appreciate the grand staircase and sparkling chandelier waiting there in the foyer.

NRA staff dining at Geordie's restaurant during NRA Convention in Phoenix Also waiting for me were members of the Competitive Shooting and Education and Training staff. Directors Bill Poole and Mike Krei were kind enough to hustle us out there for a thank-you dinner for all the hard work to make the Annual Meeting the best it could be. Kudos to Bill and Mike!

Now as I said, the cab ride out was a eventful to say the least.

The cab ride back, however, was fantastic.

Waiting for a cab during NRA Convention in Phoenix The company sent their cars right away, the drivers knew exactly where they were going, and their knowledge of the what to do and where to go in the Phoenix area was impeccable.

So if you're ever in Phoenix and you need a ride, you can’t do better than Discount Cabs ... they will get you where you're going.

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